Gaetz SHREDS ‘DESPERATE’ McCarthy Searching For Votes | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert shredding McCarthy and even calling out Trump while they attempt to block his speakership.

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  1. If we have to wait a week or more after Election Day to find out who all the state Governors are, we can wait a few days to find out who the next House Speaker will be. The fact that MSM is treating this election as "the most urgent thing ever!!" is absurd.

  2. I love this we have had to much of RINOS Both the Macs need to go! McCarthy for giving election money to safe seats in 2022 instead of the purple state seats. Then Ronna McDaniels the niece of Mitt Romney and the head of RNC needs to go too. She is more loyal to Mitt than to MAGA or to put it simple to put American people first! No one is embarrassed by this! Trump has many blind sides of trust. he trusted Fauci look at how that turned out!

  3. 3:26 Krystal: Goetz is "emblematic of a contingent that has no particular demand to be satisfied except they don't want Kevin McCarthy."

    6:24 Sagaar: "I'm not sure what their beef is with McCarthy."

    I guess your joking or deaf or fools.. The entire reason McCarthy isn't getting the vote is because he is exceptionally corrupted and has no moral character. McCarthy thinks he deserves the speakership so much he started moving into the speaker's office before he was elected. Those seem to be pretty, pretty, pretty clear demands and good reason to keep voting to get a more honest, freedom and liberty non-globalist patriot in the speakership. The defectors are aligned on these principals. This time of our lives demand it…

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