Gaetz: What Trump told me about Hunter Biden special counsel

‘NEXT STEP OF THE COVER-UP’: Rep. Matt Gaetz torches the establishment media view of both the latest Trump indictment, as well as cries that the U.S. attorney investigating Hunter Biden was Trump-appointed.

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  1. He told us on a video 4 days ago that Biden is compromised. A Manchurian candidate. That foreign leaders are in control and we're at risk.

    What about that? Nobody's saying anything about that. You'd think someone would want to talk about that, but nope. Nothing. Like it didn't happen. I've got it recorded if anybody decides they're interested that foreign leaders are controlling Biden and this administration. Smfh. The uniparty

  2. I'm beginning to think the reason the McRinos aren't inpeaching is they might find a connection between the Rino holdouts & Corrupt Bidens. We already know Rino Mittens Romneys son, Nasty Pelosi's son and Logan act Kerrys step son are all involved in Ukraine. too. That came out years ago.

  3. Should Trump skip the coming Republican presidential debate?
    EITHER way hurts him. if he attends the debate, he'll likely have to defend himself about what he's being indicted for. And Chris Christie, at least, will REALLY attack him. And there's a LOT to attack him with. So why take the risk? BUT, if he DOESN'T attend, he looks weak. And this is a REALLY bad time for Trump to look weak.
    Most Republicans believe all the indictments HELP Trump. But they don't.
    They help him in the primary, of course. But he needs to win THE ELECTION for that to do any good.
    But he lost in Nov 2020 and since then he's done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to win any MORE votes. He's spent all his time since Nov 2020 pretty much destroying any chance of winning ANY votes from those who voted for Biden in the last election.
    So there's only two ways to win in 2024.
    Either Republicans ACTUALLY commit the fraud they've been accusing Democrats of doing Nov 2024. Or they kick Trump off the ticket and field a candidate who's actually got a CHANCE of winning against Biden.
    I'm guessing they're gonna choose door #1. And also — by learning from, and FIXING, Trump's (still ongoing) failed coup attempt. The last attempt BOOSTED Trump's standing with most Republican voters, after all.
    And, let's face it, they ALMOST got away with it. So what do they have to lose by doing it AGAIN in 2024?
    It may end up destroying the Republic itself. But who cares about that at this point? Winning is what matters, right?

  4. Keep up the Great work Matt‼️We need more Republican Congress, Senators ,Governors ,Mayors, DAs to go after these corrupt judges ,DAs ect. Humiliate their arses to get them to do something worth spit if you have to ‼️‼️⚖️🙏🏻🇺🇸🦅😻

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Jeffrey Epstein referred Obama White House counsel to JPMorgan (

This WILL Be Worldwide Within 365 Days

This WILL Be Worldwide Within 365 Days