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Gain-of-function research in Australia: Why the secrecy? – Senate Estimates Feb/Mar 2023

In estimates I asked a number of agencies whether or not anyone is reviewing the 17 gain of function research projects being funded by the Federal government. The AFP, ASIO or the TGA would take no responsibility for these projects despite the significant threat to the safety of the population.

The National Health and Medical ­Research Council, who approves and decides on the funding of this research didn’t want to know about it either.

When asked about the gain of function used in the vaccine, (codon optimisation to improve antigen expression on page 19 of TGA FOI 2389-6) the TGA Head, John Skerritt claimed he couldn’t answer the question because the document wasn’t in front of him. Why he would need the document is beyond me. He would have very well known what I was talking about as the original FOI redacted this vital information about gain of function being used.

It beggars belief in light of the fact that it is now widely accepted that the Covid virus was the result of a lab leak (funded by Fauci) that our authorities don’t want to address the risks of gain of function research.

To quote the Australian:

“Health Minister Mark Butler has invoked a claim of public interest immunity to block the release of researchers’ names and institutions associated with 17 commonwealth-funded gain-of-function research projects that increase the virulence of viruses in a laboratory.

The NHMRC review was ordered by former health minister Greg Hunt after The Australian in June last year revealed that the CSIRO and several Australian universities engaged in at least 10 joint projects with the Wuhan Institute of Virology over a decade.

The review identified 13 projects had used live animals including mice and ferrets, three projects used human tissues and others involved the use of bat tissue and avian cells. In one project, components of research conducted in Canada and the US used genetically modified organisms and live infectious agents.”

Further reading:
– Page 19 – V8 and V9 have identical amino acid sequences of the encoded antigens and differ only in their codon optimisation sequences, which were designed to improve antigen expression.

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  1. New Policy – If a senior executive or official, corporate officer or politician doesn’t know or doesn’t have or refuses to answer a question that they SHOULD be able to, they have 72 hours to provide the information requested, failure to do so results in termination of employment.

  2. Skerritt is very dumb, it's a wonder he can remember where he lives and doesn't get lost each evening on his way home from work. We need people in these positions to have functioning memories. I'm all for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in appropriate positions but not in high positions in the TGA.

    Everyday Australians have to take accountability for their actions to participate within the law. And yet no one in position of authority wants to take accountability, nor do they show any concern upon what was forced on the general public. The lack of failure from these individuals in positions of authority to oversight the efficacy of the vaccine, clearly indicates a failure in the system across multiple government departments! If no one is going to be held accountable for there crimes, why should any Australian follow the law nor pay any taxes moving forward………TIMES UP!

  4. Gain of Function is Biological Warfare against the innocent population of the WORLD
    Regardless of who the Fuck is doing it.
    Isn't it beautiful that no Kunt or Kunts know who is in charge of Gain of Function
    Does that mean that anyone can do gain of Function and have no one to take account or respondible for 🤔🤔🤔

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