‘Gas station masquerading as a country,’ must be running out of ammo

‘Gas station masquerading as a country,’ must be running out of ammo
The Duran: Episode 1522



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Amazing music contribution from Peter Brown.
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Written by The Duran

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  1. Again.
    I am a proces operator. I work in the automation proces and there is so much more that comes with it then just putting down a building and fill it with people and equipment. That is your starting point, sort of. Then you have to sort out how to get the products there. This is highly dangerous shit, so you need to get regulation in order.. There is so much more that goes into this.
    At some point you even need resources out of Russia, to make the explosives. That will be very tough negotiations..

  2. Apart from the hundreds of millions of Dollars that Zelensky managed to accumulate as a result of generous gift from the US for his services that involve pushing his own countrymen to the slaughter to please his masters in Washington while they are watching from afar or even from Kiev, directing this preposterous war, and funding it with worthless Dollars they printed in a hurry that will go full circle to enrich the( pimps of war) whose sick aims involve destroying Russia after destroying Ukraine to maintain their control over the world. It is failing, and miserably. Any country small or big should make their stand against this hegemony, and brutality that lasted over 75 years because after Russia they will go after you, that is if they have not done already…..

  3. Judas goat, Nazi Putin's paid propaganda mouthpiece on Youtube…Mercouris formerly a UK barrister until disbarred by the Bar Of England for fraud and tortuous deceit, making "ever more bizarre assertions to hide the truth" and even feigning depression in an attempt to avoid being struck-off…a man of such character and behaviour and without any credible credentials, now seeks to hoodwink people by holding himself out as an informed expert in the matter of Putin's invasion of Ukraine and spreading Putin's propaganda and anti-West sentiments….Putin’s very own Tokyo Rose / Lord Haw-Haw….Mercouris, u r so full of crap, u have absolutely no special knowledge, experience or credentials to speak about what you speak about with such 'authority'..all u r is a former barrister who was disbarred for fraud and now makes comments on geopolitics as if you have some special insights into what goes on….u were a fraudster as a barrister and u r a fraudster as a commentator and speak nothing but regurgitated information with your own manure slant on it…..what a joke u r …go get a real job son…

  4. Yep.
    And add to that, we are breaking down our educational system. I, as a proces operator, 30 years ago got thought so much, where as nowadays, I am astonished at the knowledge they bring with them when they finish the same education as I did. Science, chemistry, Technology, there is so much they only get a smell of, but not the theory behind it.
    Putin even mentioned this when he said that he would let go of the western educational system, in his last speech..
    Well. Not my education. 🙂
    ANDREI MARTYANOV did a lot about this subject, the dumbification of western society.. Invite him please.
    He just did a podcast together with Scott ritter, but far to short. Maybe you guys could bring them together for a long interview.
    West against eastern military brains… 😉

  5. Could a reason for why the leaders of Ukraine keep sending men into the meatgrinder is because they themselves make money on the death of Ukrainian forces/people? They said they will go on till the last Ukrainian, which makes me think there's a financial incentive for them to keep destroying the Ukrainian population while at the same time saying that this is for independence and freedom. 🤣🤣🤣

  6. 7:35 Why are the Ukrainians holding onto Bahmut to the bitter end? The West, which completely controls Ukraine, has actually told us repeatedly what their strategy is.

    1. The grand plan of the West is to break up Russia into smaller states and smaller nationalities, which they can dominate, in order to extract Russia's resources, with the grand scheme being the domination of the entire planet and all of humanity. That's the grand scheme.

    2. The way to this end is to use Ukraine as the battering ram to bring down the Russian government and lead to another revolution, which the West will orchestrate to achieve its bigger plan.

    3. The initial plan was to arm Ukraine to the point where it can invade Donbass and threaten Crimea, while placing unprecedented sanctions against Russia, which would all bring down the Putin government.

    4. This plan was subverted by Russia by its SMO. The original goal of Russia was a show of overwhelming force and to bring Ukraine to negotiate a peace on Russia's terms.

    5. The West, surprised by Russia, quickly jumped to stop this peace on Russia's terms. This is now going to explain their current strategy. The West wants Ukraine to negotiate a ceasefire with Russia on the West's terms. This means they wanted Ukraine to push back against the Russian forces, which did not have the numbers to hold the territories that they had moved onto. Ukraine must now push Russia back as far as possible and try to hold Russia in a deadlock, while the West attempts through sanctions and isolation to defeat Russia economically. The intention is to either bring down the Putin government or force Russia into a ceasefire that is disadvantageous to Russia.

    6. If the West can succeed to push Russia back, or at worst hold Russia in place on the battlefield, then the plan is to create global pressure to force Russia into a disadvantageous ceasefire. Then, the West plans to rearm Ukraine far more than it did before, and bring Ukraine into NATO, because Russia would be weakened. At this point, the West will be back at point 3. above, with the same plan to invade Donbass and threaten Crimea and bring down the Russian state and divide up both the Russian state and the people into mini-states controlled by the West.

    So, in conclusion, Ukraine is being ordered at this time by the West to hold onto every bit of territory without retreating, and attempt to take back any territory it can, and to threaten other parts of Russia, especially Crimea, and so forth, while the West feverishly tries to support Ukraine financially, militarily and politically, while attempting with every tool they can to destroy Russia's economy and isolate the country from friends.

    The West is trying to get Russia into a disadvantageous situation on the battlefield and on the economic and political fronts, in order to then demand a ceasefire that will allow the West to rearm and reuse Ukraine again against a weakened Russia.

    Blinken is running around frantically to break all economic and political bonds Russia has with the world, while Ukraine is trying with all its might to hold back one of Russia's PMC's let alone the whole Russian army.

    There is a danger that Russia too may run out of industrial potential to produce enough ammunition to maintain its current usage of ammunition.

    This is also what the West is trying to scare Russia with.

    If Russia can be made to see that the future is bleak and it is not going to win this war against the West, then maybe it will submit to a disadvantageous peace that will allow the West to try and defeat Russia again.

    But, unfortunately for the West, China and other friends are beginning to stand closer and closer to Russia to work together with Russia to defeat the West in Ukraine.

    There is still a last ditch hope the West has to force the Global South to take its side, and thereby force China not to stand by Russia, lest it too be isolated.

    This is Western thinking.

    They really think they are going to rule the world, because they think they have been ruling the world, and they do have significant power to punish and harm the world, which they have already been doing.

    The West referred to above are the financial elite who control the countries and peoples of the West. This same elite want to control the whole world, using the West as their pawns and tools.

    Western peoples have allowed this elite to rule over them, because of civilizational hubris and the plunder thrown their way, like hunters do for their ravenous hounds.

    But, now, they too are feeling the pain of their masters, even as their masters beat them.

    It will be wonderful, even for Western peoples, when this world is free of the torment of the Western elite and their delusional exceptional chosen status.

  7. The other thing to point out, though it is a bit of speculation, is that Russia started mass producing ammo perhaps as far back as 2014 or 2015. Just as they clearly understood a sanctions war could be leveled upon them and they prepared their economy to sustain that blow, you have to think they prepared their military for what would occur in Ukraine against NATO too. Remember, Putin has stated that Russia is period for a 30 month war. You would only state such a thing if you have the necessary ammo for 30 months.

  8. Chaps, you do seem to be repeating the same predictions until they happen? How long now have you said Bhakmut is encircled, now the Russians according to you, are just 500M from the only main road to Bhakmut…… Yet you claim Elensky is still sending reinforcements in to Bhakmut! WHICH IS IT PLEASE? Not holding my breath.

  9. I can not speak for the world as said US citizen most of the information I get is from my media. I have now seen that my government is saying what may be real information that the covid came from a laboratory in China. So why now is the government saying this while ignoring my government involvement in it. So why now we as a people need to be asking this question.

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