Germany Green-Lights the Tanks

After months of discussion, the Germans have opted to allow the Leopard Tanks to be sent into Ukraine…and while it may seem like this resolution took far too long, anyone that has read a history book can at least understand the reason for the delay.

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  1. First time/long time. I love your strategic brain but I want to know what advantages you see in a Windsor (half or full) knot over the four-in-hand. Collar width? I just assume you're right and I am wrong but would probably throw it around the back a few seconds earlier.

  2. So the Germans will do it if the US does it, his quote is: " They will only provide L 2s in the circumstance where the Americans provide Abrams tanks". Then he goes on to to show that the US will not provide anything for maybe 3 years, while, seeming to suggest the Germans are ready to ship tomorrow, ish. Would be helpful to just come out and say the Germans are going ahead witthout the Americans in this case.

    And if the Germans have all the business in Europe sewn up, why does it seem they are essentially compelling the Americans to stand up a dealership in the Europe for Abrams?

  3. Well. Germany is sending 14 tanks. UK is sending 14 tanks. That's 1 days losses. What are they going to do the next day?

    Germany is really not an ally. It doesn't want to defend itself or anybody else. It is kind of like the Mothers Club, hard-working talkers.

    It can't be counted on. It has effectively resigned from NATO.

  4. Logistics for the M1 does exist in Europe. It would require civilian contractors going along with the platforms to provide the support to avoid American military casualties. The US has hundreds of M1s in Europe that could be shuffled over to the Ukraine and in 30 days the crews could be trained on the system. If the US trusts Egypt with the M1, a future potential NATO partner in the Ukraine would not seem to be a risk at all. I wonder if hundreds of Leopards (along with parts and munitions) will be sent to Ukraine in the coming weeks, enough to form a full tank division.

  5. Whilst we wait for the Abrams, the UK is sending 14 Challenger 2's and I suspect more to follow. There is talk of also buying the 400 Jordanian Challenger 1's and getting them upgraded by a joint BAE/Rheinmetall operation in Germany. Training on Challengers has obviously already been ongoing as there have been some stationed in the Baltics for a while.

  6. So the Ukranians who have no tanks, or skills, but will be led by US intelligence, will now have 100 tanks. And the Russians who won the largest tank battle in human history, in Kursk, and have 12 500 tanks, badly maintained and used recently…

    Last I heard Russians sorta have conventional air superiority…

    Hmm, gonna be interesting…

  7. All the hemming and hah hahing aside, we are now at war with Russia and the best part is that we can deny it and with a pokr face say to Putin MAKE MY DAY and DO YOU FEL LUCKY YOU PUNK as we aim our gravity bombs from space for a first strike that will non nuckear and also preempt Russia from launching tactical or strategic nukes to start world war three. We have been (NATO is the we) launching all the necessary bits in space since 9/11 when we discovered that Russia was complicit with Al Qaeda and now we are telling Putin to prepare for a very cruel end to his evil stupid reign of terror upon humanity and the free world. He should have stayed a third rate party boss in St, Petersberg because now he will end worse than Saddam Osama Quackdaffy and Arafat combined. Oh and at the current rate we may see 250k dead Russians should the Lepard tanks unleach their barrage of precision munitions the US is providing them. I love the smell of Napalm when it makes blinys out of Russian vodka drenched babies. Remember gravity bomb blows shit up like a nuke but without the radioactive after effects. So scratch Moscow and St. Petersburg and every location with an ICBM and any nuke that could be launch against NATO. The cherry on top of this layered cake is that we will come out stronger than ever and the world will be freer than ever and democracy will lead humanity into a new era of human progress and well distributed prosperity. This time everyone is watching and in the end everyone will set aside their weapons and go back to their plows and 3D printing creating radical abundance for all human beings on this planet. If not then its KLATU NIKTO BARATA or is it KLATU BARATA PUTIN KHULYO!!! One hundred gravity bombs should do the trick and we probably have 500 up there in space ready to hit targets within a couple of minutes from the order to launch. If I were Putin I think I would defect and then shit my pants to Switzerland.

  8. The problem with the German tanks is not that they are made in Germany but the design, it really looks like a modern take on the German Nazi WW2 tanks not good and they still are using cat names, panther, tiger, leopard…. . Germany should have used a different design and name, even if the size is the same just make the turret round or something… It's a pretty powerful propaganda tool for Russia seeing Germany cat named, WW2 Nazi looking tanks heading their way…. Not good. Germany is stupid for doing that in the first place.

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