Germany’s Economic Crisis Explained

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Despite being the fourth largest economy in the world, Germany’s outlook is deteriorating as they fallen into recession in May. So in this video, we’ll examine the German economy, why it’s currently stagnating and whether it will recover any time soon.

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00:00 Introduction
01:09 Germany After Reunification
04:36 Germany’s Economic Stagnation
05:07 What’s Gone Wrong?
07:51 Brilliant

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  1. I can personally attest to the lateness of German trains. So far I've never experienced a significant delay when I've been in the UK, France, Switzerland or Italy. I genuinely don't know what the hell is going on with the German train system but it's worse than anywhere else I've been, which seems extremely un-German to me.

  2. Sounds like the UK 15-20 years ago tbh. Now we're in a death spiral. Turns out mass importing immigrants to fill your shit low wage jobs that aren't enough to make a living/support a family on just to make gdp go up isn't a long term strategy. Hope the Germans have a better future.

  3. If the Germans hadn’t been completely ideologically drive. They could be using nuclear power and arc furnaces right now. But that still wouldn’t solve the chemical feedstock problem for BASF. A Germany without cheap Russian natural gas and cheap power is an economic midget

  4. You missed the German idiotic “Green” policies, exploding bureaucracy, absurdly high taxes, a huge social welfare state that is a free buffet for millions of people who never contributed into the system (many illegal migrants too) and punishes hard working middle class. Demographic changes and lack of workers is also not helping. Energy policy is a disaster, shutting down nuclear plants that were basically co2 neutral and having to re-open coal plants (most idiotic thing i ever saw) for ideological reasons. Placing a big bet on Renewable energy which turned out super expensive and very volatile (cant be efficiently stored, this is a big experiment they are doing). Most importantly, Germany is getting away from free market economy and turning into a planned economy like Eastern Germany used to be, with politicians who are absurdly underqualified (didn’t even finish studies) pushing their ideology on people without having a clue about anything.

  5. At the very least, I now grasp the concept of leverage. Creating <wealth and financial freedom isn't as tough as many people believe. Building wealth and remaining financially stable indefinitely is a lot easier with the appropriate information.
    Participating in financial programs and products is the only true approach to make a high income and remain affluent indefinitely.

  6. FDP is the only hope for Germany! Merkel’s Socialist party has been in control of Germany for over 30+ years and has created far leftist anti-capitalism movement that prevent businesses from free market capitalism.😂

    Germany army is under equipped and undertrained. Has 20 year old equipment. They parade their 4-5 pieces of modern fighters, tanks and artillery pieces but that is all they have.

    Most of the Germany auto manufacturers are locating in Eastern Europe due to overlord unions and leftist activists.😮

  7. This is a load of clickbait garbage !!!!!!!!
    ALL ……….countries have slowed down since covid AND the trade war by the USA. This has led to inflation (due to cheap goods being no longer available) which snowballs it. Also the war in ukrain killing gas prices (leading to higher logistics, transport cost)has added to the snowball. It has nothing to do with germany itself. You dont change what works !
    So even countries that had explosive gdp like china and the brics have slowed down !
    Once the trade war settles (which it must or there will be a major economic collapse worldwide) and the real war in ukrain ends (which it must or we will have ww3). Only then will GDP revert back to 'normal'. In the meantime everyone is going to add to the woes by tightening their spending !…………..

The Government is at War with Affordable Energy

The Government is at War with Affordable Energy

The Regime Is About To Collapse And May Disintegrate At

The Regime Is About To Collapse And May Disintegrate At Any Moment