Google Launches “Operation Jigsaw” with 4 Secret Methods of Online Censorship

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  1. Australia is definitely going to be the testing ground for this. Already some Authorities are WARNING ppl of this stuff as they feel that the latest shootings were the result of 'extremist recruitment / influence'? These authorities are encouraging the public to "call-in" & REPORT this type of behaviour – their neighbours, even members of their own family so as to PREVENT dreadful outcomes such as the sacrifice of 2 young inexperienced QLD police? This is the MAIN trigger of this authoritative encouragement within the public – such devastation & sadness in connection with these programs being initiated?

  2. It's obviously yet another effort to silence conservatives. If a public forum can decide who talks and who doesn't or what is good to say and what is bad to say, then the manipulation of information would be easy for those who are evil and have demonstrated in the past their desire of silence Truth i.e. the injections (they are not vaccines), the lock downs, the mask, all demonstrated to be more harmful than good, and how they silenced thousands of scientists and doctors and also us, labeling our posts or preventing friends to see what we post because their opinion and fact checkers (leftists activistis) believe otherwise or simply because they are PAID TO DO SO. If they want to catch real extremists like Islamic extremists, then this idea would be real bad, it would do the contrary,bit would make those extremists very hard to catch. This is all a lie designed to silence conservatives that expose all the evil of the day.
    This ideas and Google ARE the real extremists for attempting to cancel the first Ammendment in a public forum and cancel the free exchange of ideas and thought.
    It's time to cancel Google all together from our computers, Wikipedia and other organizations that DO misinform us and want to enslave us… make us good slaves that don't talk and swallow all the food (lies) they wanna feed us with.

  3. Saying Merry Christmas to the wrong person can be viewed as extremism. How freaking ridiculous. Just like trying to find a how-to video on fixing your car or truck you have to sort through all of the relevant information to find out what one is appropriate for you. And that is how all information needs to be. You the viewer have to figure out what is right what is wrong.

  4. Actually , any websites , media ore communication systems are disingned to gain new info and report it to get more accurate results from a combination of sources , innovative ideas , lost knowledge , ……… to benefit the ones who created the app , even the owner on any Web.
    These are designed before fabricated and are fabricated with such hacking system to steel ideas , info , …….. because that is the original idea .

    But , to have more advanced systems , it provide way more access to new innovation. It is like steeling from others and their is no way to prove it

  5. There are two problems with this that I can see immediately (plus a plethora I’m sure I will think of later.)

    1. I hate popups so much, and I hate being told what to think and feel so much, that I would immediately close the popup without reading it. This would especially be true if they popped something up during typing trying to tell me they don’t like what I’m typing. I would leave the website and never come back if this happened. This feels VERRRRRY much like trying to silence people, and I don’t like that. While I understand that freedom of speech doesn’t apply online because websites are considered private property, the whole reason we have freedom of speech is so no one viewpoint can be forced upon the populace, be it religious, political, etc.

    2. It makes it easy for them to censor views they don’t agree with under the guise of “misinformation” or “toxicity” or whatever other excuse they want to give. It’s just pure, straight-up propaganda and brainwashing!

  6. Did you know!. I am a straight talk customer & normally purchase a 55 dollar unlimited monthly plan. Things got screwed around & I got stuck with a 35 dollar limited monthly plan. I noticed that on U Tube unless you are subscribed you don't get access to comments & descriptions. Would have never known otherwise. Good work Epic Times

  7. Type a message then back out are you sure you want to discard the message knowing that and this make certain to delete it urself not coming kc on the discard why ur discard msg get saved weather you posted them or not know what is even better ditch all these apps like YouTube Facebook and Twitter and all others it is easily to manipulate ppl when u know how they feel when they play with the ingredients be prepared this is us being rolled over by immigration this the reset and if you are white and look ve close to a forest u are supposably a racist. Land grabs however it happens.

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