Gruesome Video of Russians Beheading Ukrainian POW Sends Shockwaves, Disturbing or Deep Fake?

Kim goes over the gruesome video and what the narratives are surrounding the video…

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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. Ohh, just like they had video of a traitor to have his head crushed with a hammer? A guy that few months later miraculously rose from the dead and appeared in same video as Prigozhin. Or guy that allegedly early in the war had his balls and junk cut off, supposedly for being a rapist. Or whole Bucha massacre bullshit. OR many many many other alleged crimes, that somehow end up nowhere. Briefly appear on media, to stock up fires and then disappear, to be replaced with next enraging video or news.
    Also it is near impossible to behead someone with a knife. You need something heavy and with a good swing. Cutting thru simply wont do.

  2. Ukraine more then likely dressed in Russian uniforms and killed one of their own, probably a deserter, this would make Ukraine military think twice about surrendering and also help no end in portraying Russia as the evil empire and animals etc Ukraine or NATO is losing this war, a dying snake trying to give one last bite… America lied about the babies being pulled out of incubators to shock people into justifying invading Iraq… this has the same feel to it, I think NATO or a similar coalition of the willing is going to go into Ukraine to fight Russia… Poland, Germany, USA, England etc? I think the leaked documents are to play down whats coming…. the wests economies are about to crash because all the sanctions have failed and countries are dumping the US dollar, so my guess is Ukraine killed one of their own as a false flag to try and justify whats coming

  3. The emotional impact of this incident, real or not, shows how modern day civilians are shielded from scenes of death, especially during war, sanitized by media censorship. Americans never see what happens to bodies when our drones, landmines,accidentally or not, kill people on the other side of the world. The only reason this one is so controversial is because it went public, and deliberately at that.


Anthony Albanese must not bail out Daniel Andrews (

Defeating the Voice is critical

Defeating the Voice is critical.