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Happy Bear New Year With Tarric Brooker!

In our first show of the New Year, Tarric Brooker and I explore the latest data courtesy of his latest slides. We deep dive on the property market, China and US jobs. A considerable degree of uncertainty underlines the trajectory into 2023.

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  1. Not so many years ago, I approached a local bank for a personal loan, in order to get some “seed capital” to register and start a business. After some discussion the bank staff said “sorry, we can’t do that”. I asked “well what if I borrow the same amount to blow on a vacation?”.

    “Oh that’s fine!” They said.

    Australia. Gotta love it.

  2. Hear, hear. Easy to undershoot CPI and pump out double digit M3 and credit growth when land's left off the index!

    Landholding and loan-holding are both non-producing activities that the system rigs so it receives an entitlement to actual produced labour and resources.

  3. I would be interested to know, do you think the Aus govt spending all this money on war planes and missiles is the biggest cause of inflation? There is a kind of blame out onto consumers who spend too much from politicians but are they the biggest cause of it do you think?

  4. 14:00 mark: The thing with Australia, is mortgage arrears are at historic lows.
    The amount of wealth around Brisbane is something to see.
    Basically we just don't have a problem (overall).
    I do. But I'm part of the 5 to 10% who didn't do well out of covid. A strange as that sounds, that most people did well out of a deadly virus!

  5. 22:00: Umm Tarric, they are idiots. Do yourself a favour, and listen to some TRUE experts who've been spot on about property:
    "Pumped on Property"
    "PK Gupta"
    "Ravi Sharma"
    The very powerful and influential Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdway from the "The Property Couch"
    Michael Yardley and his regular guest DOCTOR Andrew Wilson.

  6. Yes pretty much the economic models and the city suburban (medium density ) model is fundamentally flawed and is in the process of systematically failing along many fronts at the same time. IMO we should look at what basics are necessary for our survival and ensure cities/towns ordinary households are able to easily and cheaply access these daily necessities. I feel we have gone the opposite direction at each level of necessity and entwined ourselves into a global supply chain whether it is capital , food ,manufactured goods and now services we have increasingly entwined ourselves into a thorny bush that has entrapped us at each stage so that now we are facing thorns and sharp barbs at each stage of basic necessity.

  7. Climate change is going to push people into the most efficient affordable low emission homes. Shoebox apartments are the future to support climate change commitments, so the younger generation will have a place to live, but it won't be the Australian dream that was sold in the 70s. Everyone will get a place to live, but you'll still need to pay for a nice place to live. There's a huge global population that needs support to tackle climate change too, and the best solution is to absorb/import those people into our low carbon economy, supporting our demographic pyramid. Instead of wishing for house prices to fall, wish for wage increases to make housing more affordable.

  8. Close to collapse indeed. So many aspects of life have been messed up, essentially by monetary policy and it's side shoots. Look at young people not even feeling they can afford to have kids. The demographic timebomb alone is enough to slowly drag living standards down – lots of generally older people who think they are rich because they own expensive real estate, but not enough nurses to work the hospitals they increasingly need. How rich are they?

  9. Government and big business wouldn't tolerate any meaningful change: 260k annual migrant intake plus student and whatever else visas ensures wage claims kept in check, never have one quarter negative GDP and best of all… eight percent annual home price increases forever! 🤪🎉🎈

  10. I am financially comfortable earning passive income & living in my own house… so this is not a personal gripe … but for the life of me I cannot understand WHY financially-struggling Australians don’t PROTEST against the corrupt Government & WAKE UP to the greedy corrupt Residential Real Estate Industry🤷‍♂️… PROTEST at Parliament House !!!…. PROTEST in the streets !!!…. share this podcast with friends !!!!…. any responsible parent should be providing this podcast to their children to give them a reality-check…. tell them to listen to this instead of all the brain-dead TV shows !!! 🤦‍♂️… it really does my head in why people don’t FORCE THE GOVERNMENT TO CHANGE !!!! …. force them to make house prices & rents AFFORDABLE ! 🤞🤞🤞
    Well done Martin & Tarrick👏👏👏👏

  11. Great video. I felt like you were mirroring my rants about housing in Australia Tarric and Martin. The question pending is which Australian Politician has the guts and resilience to make Australian history and fix housing affordability. Only the Independents and Greens are talking about the issues renters and homeless face. The major parties are only concerned about mortgagees, investors or those who own outright.


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