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Has The Great Reset Arrived In Australia?

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When the Labor government was elected in 2022, conservatives in Australia predicted they would be a bigger-spending, anti-capitalist nightmare. It appears those predictions have been proved correct, thanks to a recent manifesto from Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers declaring he will “build a better capitalism”. However, Chalmers’ manifesto is more than just a standard progressive wish list; it strongly resembles the ‘stakeholder capitalism’ pushed by globalist elites like Klaus Schwab and and the World Economic Forum. Could it be that Australia is ground zero for the Great Reset?

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Written by Daisy Cousens

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  1. It's not just Australia in the west but its also Canada who's liberals have allowed our nation to be hijacked by the WEF organization policies that is ravaging out nation. Their gone mad, they want to first of all meet their progressive target by eliminating our food intake from 16 kg of meat per person, per year. Ambitious Target; O kg's of meat consumption per person per year. also another progressive target 90 kg's Dairy Consumption ( milk or dirriative equivalent ) per person per year. Ambitious Target 2,500 Cal per person per year. O aren't they wonderful parents, can't wait, won't this be enjoyable living, at its highest. I think we'll all feel like Royalty. Communist Tyrants, these people are insane they are demon possessed. Also believe me, it gets a whole lot worse than this! This info is right off their website page 42 I believe hope I got that right. The problem is that these leftists have hijacked all the political parties therefore we have to start fresh the biggest concern is that they buy people out and give them a fortune to cave in to their agendas and most folks give into it. Just like the word of God says the love of money is the root of all evil.

  2. You did an excellent job young lady explaining neo feudal system that should be a concern for us all. Another way to explain the ESG plan is let say Elon Musk refuses to do business with this system of policies well what they will do is prevent him from being able to purchase products for his business thereby grabbing him or anyone who has a business by the balls so to speak. He or She has no choice but to cooperate with this system of governance. That's how ESG plan will be set up to function thereby setting in place ESGs force conversion initiative on everyone whether they want it or not.

  3. WEF BANKERS RESET AUSTRALIA, BUT NOT THE WORLD, half the human population is now in BRICS, sovereign nations helping ea other. new world currency based on gold standard,, the Russion Ruble is now on gold standard. . the petro dollar based on oil is failing so the ''bankers '' will need a new form of currency. looks like ''cashless'' with gov
    computer alotments . .

  4. Covid-19 was Stage 1 of the Great Reset. Klaus Schwab and his minions all shouted "Jump!" at the whole world, and the world replied back "How high do you want us to jump?!" I was fortunate to have my 72 year old mother moving to Portugal in 2018, who had access to information outside of Australia, specifically Spain and Portugal, countries that do NOT censor their news reports (you will see dead bodies mutilated in the streets when reporters cover a bombing or a catastrophy of any sort). So, she forewarned me about the Great Reset so I was ready when March 2020 rolled around and Australian journalists reported on a new virus strain and the government went ahead with its first lock down. I had all the information I needed to avoid the vaccine, so noone in our household is vaccinated. I have not watched Australian TV in over 10 years. State TV is propaganda. I get my information from online sources outside of Australia. Australian is a heavily socialist country and information censorship is extreme, to put it politely. I lived in Spain for 5 years in the late 80's/early 90's. Finished high school and worked as well. I have experienced first hand what quality, uncensored news reporting is. Spanish news censors nothing. It can get quite depressing at times because there is no "feel good" news section waiting at the end of the programme to uplift your spirits. Nope. Even school is just as demanding. High school is just like university there. No handouts, nothing written on a board. I learned to speed write at the age of 18 and I retain that skill today. I am unable to write slow!! Even the American Christian magazine I subscribe to wrote about the Great Reset in one of their magazine issues back in 2018. So I had two different sources to confirm the credibility of the information I was receiving.

  5. Australians are completely stuffed because both Liberal and Labor are both umbilically attached to the WEF and WHO. There are traitors at the top of government and are intrinsically involved in the great reset. Not enough “she’ll be right mate” Australians care enough to take any notice of how their country is being hijacked by these global pirates. Lethargic Aussie’s!, just sit back and enjoy the destruction of the country as you KNEW it.

  6. A market that is designed, is ripe for manipulating. The problem with society is the reality of how totally wasteful and incompetent governments really are! And, less not forget the biggest con ever viz climate change! a crisi that has been created like the boogey man, look around and FFS wake up! Chalmers, Albo and Bowen = the 3 Stooges!

  7. I'm sorry to disagree with you Daisy but the last time the world saw this kind of effort it was under the name of National Socialism which was the Nazi party. This is Global Socialism. The difference is that instead of one man at the top we are faced with rule by the WEF, the UN, big business and big tech in an unholy alliance.
    If we look back on Germany we can see that government and big business united lead to massive corruption, mass murder, enslavement and unimaginable inhumanity. If this lot, I mean the new elites, are allowed to proceed we can expect it to be even worse than Hitlers reign especially as those who will be ruling over us will be unelected.
    Imagine our politicians, "We'd love to help but it's out of our hands, this is from the top and for the good of all of us and the planet!".

  8. 16:37 It is for the control of labour. Labour is seen as 50% of cost or higher. As far as Government control. Would you let the ticks over run your cow? The parasites should just sit back and drink. They must not have heard the old story of the wind versus the Sun. They wind says that it will remove the man's raincoat. So he blows and blows harder. The man buttons his coat up. The Sun has his turn and shines brightly. The man takes off his coat. Create the conditions for change as force comes with resistance. I always question the business teachings that these in power have. They just dig deeper debt holes.

  9. Irony, laughter, pun. In the event that China "captures" or liberates Australia from its neo-Nazi government, the lives of ordinary Australians would clearly improve. Nuclear power plants will be built and liberation from Green repressions of business and the population. Penny is confident that her role in government is a continuation of her role on the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

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