HAVE FALLEN Krasna Hora, Paraskoviivka & Berkhiva

REUPLOAD… 🤡 Heavy battles for the North of Bakhmut. Ukraine urgently sent reinforcements to hold the line. Russia 4km away from last supply line going into Bakhmut.

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  1. 21.700 Russian soldiers killed, 9.393 equipment losses since the start of the invasion. The Russians still have not managed to capture Bakhmut, only a few villages close to it, after months and months of fighting and pressure, the Russian army is a huge joke, the West would crash them in a real war.

  2. When you hear personal stories like that of pasha and his wife, its very sad. It really annoys me that none of the western politicians are talking peace. Its quite obvious now that if this continues much longer Ukraine is basically going to be destroyed and its population decimated further. Its just all so unnecessary and I think peace could be agreed if the leaders of the US were willing to talk with the leaders of Russia.

  3. The powers here in the US, thought they would turn American Hearts against Russia, the opposite is happening,, my and my family s interest. And affection for the Russian people and its Culture have been piqued, reading and listening to more Russian information, and real stories, Lavrov, Zachariah, Medvedev, Pergoshin, and others, All know the Ukraine,is a lost Nazi worshipping, Corrupt and Dangerous StateUsed mercilessly by the US and UN

  4. You don't understand the Russian mindset. They are willing to kill themselves in order to kill you. Look at Rzhev. Look at Stalingrad. They lost 500,000 taking Berlin. You think losing 125,000 in a year bothers them? They will nuke KEEEV (as we pronounce it now) and not blink. Sue for Peace. Give them Donbas. World wins. Otherwise millions will die for undeserving men's Ego's. Just like WW1 and 2.

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Jimmy Dore RAGES Against War Machine At DC Peace Rally

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