He Finally Admitted It

Coffeezilla video
This is the greatest sbf interview of All Time
I stream every day

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  1. He was the second largest donor to the Democrats. Believe his parents have close ties to the party as well. I doubt he'll spend anywhere near as much time in jail as he should. Freedom and justice in this world is more about who you know and how much you have than what you actually did unfortunately.

  2. To be fair, no where backs assets one to one. Even banks loan out most of the money in peoples accounts and don't hold most of it. That's why they're able to close when a significant number of people go to take they're money at the same time. It's called a bank run and its basically when the bank doesn't have enough money available to pay everyone back which is every bank if everyone tries to withdraw at the same time.

  3. Aye, sometimes we make mistakes…… you know, I didn't kill Paul Lee Stine, 29, shot by my colt 1911 on October 11, 1969, in the Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. He ran into my bullet, not my fault he died. He should've been in a different place. Wrong place wrong time. Just an accident.

  4. In all parts of this world, behavior like his is the desired norm for many; you need to sell, to scam, to flee with your money… and then u can be free, bc everyone is corrupt, so u dont work hard and honest… bc that will just give u minimum wage and u will be laughed at on the street from people like him… i hate this mindset, but i believe we are all part of this spirale, bc we value this shit to some point

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