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  1. So, all of this came out, but, is there any agency willing to take the president and all this high rankers under investigation. Because, if this how it went, there is more than conspiracy theory in this. Biden should be removed out along with his crew of idiots and many people should be under arrest. Isn´t there an amendment that talks about this when something like this happens?

  2. Leftists are such a fraud. A few days ago Kari Lake commented on a tweet from Elon and someone called her "election denier". I then asked this person if she realized that the Democrats didn't accept a single presidential election loss this century. She replied, "Can you give me an example? Only one example!" Oh yes, I can and more than one. Of course, I wanted to do that immediately, but lo and behold, I'm blocked. That means, her followers will read my statement about elections denied by Democrats and her counter-question to give an example – to which I didn't answer. Apparently, because I don't have any examples of Democratic election deniers.

    That's exactly what they always do. You tweet something and they mock you, call you "conspiracy theorist" and ask for "evidence." Then they block you so that you can't answer and in this way they mislead their often hundreds of thousands of followers.

  3. Just being to the right of Karl Marx and Chairman Mao is enough to be labeled an extremist by Vijaya Gadde, Yoel Roth and company. Tweets by Antifa thugs and various perverts were OK though. I am glad Elon has not just cleaned up but is releasing the receipts. I hope for prosecutions but Blackrock and other liberal "investors" have gotten too many activists elected to city and state prosecutor positions.

  4. There are other platform's that censor as well. And all of them need to be investigated when Trump gets his power back. They will fight tooth and nail to keep Trump out of the white house, no doubt. We will soon see just how deep this evil corruption truly is. I fear for this country. God help us.

  5. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Holmes opinion " screaming fire in a crowded movie theater," was over turned. Orginal ruling was Oliver Holmes support of Woodrow Wilson's over reaching to silence American citizens who spoke out disfavor of getting involved in a European war.

  6. The only people this is a surprise to are the braindead traitors who still support and vote for this horrendously corrupt and evil left wing regime!! This has to be punished! It cannot be allowed to happen again, on any side, for any reason! This is so dangerous and corrupt. They took the people's government out of the people's hands!

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