He went SILENT after Matt Walsh’s simple question!


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  1. Evil has taken over in the US. Satan has a hold of most Americans. We need to turn to God to remove this evil from our country. The democrats have worked hard at getting people to hate each other. The blacks hate the whites, the rich hate the poor, democrats are trying make Trump supporters look like Klan loving racists when in fact they love their country and believe in our constitution. We do not run around cities looking for someone to hang from a tree. But our media is more than happy to help the democrats push the notion. Only God can save America now. Please go to a local church and hear the word of God.

  2. And the sad thing is that most of them people sitting up there questioning Matt shouldn't be in the position that they're in because they lied scheme cheap and stole from the American people and I guaranteed if their kid came to them with that b***** they wouldn't do it I can guarantee that

  3. I would argue that the left doesn't even give children in school the choice to click or not… they literally force their political views on students and literally punish students who resist. Not to mention that they hide the fact that they are promoting sex changes to minors from their parents. These people are sick.

  4. They miss the point that those “clicks” are what often educate the public to what’s going on and expose the left’s agenda which they try and keep close to the vest.
    The Libs of TikTok account merely replays the loons own videos without any editorial content and the left is outraged.
    How is it ok for kids to see this content but not for the parents or general public?
    That is the very definition of gr00ming kids.

  5. It's hard to not have an arrogant or even annoyed tone after you've been arguing the same points for over a decade and society at large is still just as stupid as it was.

    Leftists always carry an arrogant tone as well, so screw them.

    Being nice to them only gives them the green light to be extra abusive to you anyways. Leftists have no class.

  6. I find it ironic how those same individual's who will state mutilating chidren in regards to altering thier gender. Are to a degree the same individual's who oppose young females from being circumsized when it done to young males without any concern. In an era when female's were considered property, male were circumsized when an if they choose to at the age of the then considered aduthood. And it was entirely based on a religious reason. Today though to an extremely small degree, the circumsion of an infant male is done without any concern's to the male ever being a particular religion when he become's an adult.

    Though it is only one of a variety of reason's I was envolved in a Divorce which I can declare we started having issue's when I opposed to the N-th degree, our son not be circumsized. It basically started the process of disagreeing with numerious things we use to agree on. And eventually lead to our getting divorced. Though I've offered to pay for it and any of the additonal cost envolved in having it done; At the age now of him being 37, declined to to my or his own paying for everything envolved in the surgery to be circumsized. The same choice of having our daughter circumsized, wasn't even a thought let alone a discussing. And to this day, though I made the same offer to her, in regards to getting circumsize, has also stated NO.

    I and gazillion's of other male's, who have been circumsized, whom didn't have any choice in the matter. Are stuck with the deceison made by one or both parent's for the rest of our lives. Both my son and daughter becasue of my over whelming objection, which eventually lead to a divorce. Both as legal adult's are in a position to make the deceison; And that's how it should be.

    Matt is 100 percent correct when he stated that 16 year old were adults. However he was referring to an era, long ago that doesn't exist any longer in first world countries. But the world isn't made up of only first world countries. And in comparison. Threre are more third world countries, than first world countries. In which a child is considered to be an adult, prior to being 18. Some as low as 12, most generally female's in third world contries are adult's when they are able to bear children. Which differ's from female to female but averages at or about 12 year's of age.

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