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Health experts ignored FDA data and didn’t read the vaccine nonclinical report. Senate 21.11.22

Australia’s top health experts and bureaucrats have been caught out…they haven’t read critical reports.

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  1. This guy is relentless in getting the truth out there. Brilliant. Australians, know you are not alone in this circumstance where the government just doesn’t care and you only have a few good people (Like Senator Rennick) trying to get to the bottom of this whole debacle. All the best from the growing clan of critical thinkers from the Highland of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  2. Health 'experts' and professionals alike, who ignore ANY data concerning health….should be removed from their positions and charged accordingly under Title 42: 1986: Knowledge & Negligence.
    All 'experts' & 'professionals' who ingested their very own agenda into the equation, have not only lost the confidence of the public but lost their integrity to boot.
    FDA also needs to be re-assessed, audited, and made to explain why their legal and political testicles have been hidden from public sight…
    The FDA of old that I can remember, were actually very good at presenting the FACTS & FIGURES…until the Democrats infiltrated the office, and showed us how to bend the rules.
    Liars figure, but figures never Lie!!

  3. We were lied to for over two years, people's lives were destroyed, people died, people lost everything & the government knowingly did this & they used the corporate media & big tech to enforce their lies.
    We will never forget & we will never forgive.
    Western governments are the second biggest evil that has ever graced the earth.

  4. I found it very disturbing to learn that the very people elected to "represent" the interests of their constituents don't bother to read the vast majority of bills put forward which they vote on to become legislation, which then governs the constituents whose interests they are supposed to represent. How many bills have the politicians who vote on them actually read in there entirety? Of those who did, how many understood the content and understood the implications both intended and unintended? It's fair to say no politician should vote for a bill which they have only been advised on and not bothered to read for themselves. Failure to read the bills, seek understanding and any relevant advice prior to voting goes beyond passive neglect of duty. It is negligence which ought to be criminal as it is not only a duty of care failure often causing harm, but the culprits profit regardless. Parliamentary privilege extends too far and urgently needs reigning in. By all means protect people when they are doing their job. People who refuse to do what ought to be a minimum required part of the work they claim a wage for and in this case many perks, have not earned no such protection. Politicians are not held to the standard of their constituents. They aren't held to a standard at all. They should and need to be held to the highest standard.

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