Henry Kissinger Makes Stunning Admission As His Life Nears the End

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  1. We already have a ebony alert where i live. If there's a amber alert everyone knows some black person stolen another black baby or baby mama is on the run or someone forgot it or whatever…..we call the amber alert "n@#$%÷" alert here. Because in 15 years it's only involved 2 white kids and they were both misunderstandings grandparents picked up the children without telling someone kinda thing….basically Karen mother moments

  2. Ebony Alert? BWAAHAHA!!
    I feel bad for regular, normal black people. This shit must make them cringe. This must feel like shlt, when these Liberals make blacks out to be a crippled race. Ir's horrible.
    Diversity fails to put focus on top black hires and performers. Instead, it floods the work force with sub-standard achievers. It hurts the black image, just as planned.
    Anyplace where Diversity is pushed, it is not meant to improce anything. It is specifically meant to harm the target industry or company, as well as black people who are trying to kick @ss out there.

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

BRICS prepare peace plan as Gaza evacuation looms

BRICS prepare peace plan as Gaza evacuation looms