Her Plan Did Not Work Out…

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Written by Alexander Grace

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  1. I have hit back women that have hit me back and I have no issue with that – I presume that this is what they actually need, and that is why they get so violent. I don't accept anyone physically attacking me man or woman of any age. I would beat an old man, I would beat a kid if they attacked me. People need to be taught a lesson. If this happens in any dodgy place I know what to do – I call the police as she hits me (usually it is quite very easy to do so when hit by a woman – it is also good because they can hear her in the background beating me). I tell them I am being violently attacked by a crazy woman in this address, adding "please come" and stipulating that "at this point I am forced to defend myself and it is going to get nasty". They will come. For sure.

    Trust me, I have done this with the German police of all polices…. I was attacked in my car by an old German guy who blocked by exit from my parking (not a thug, LOL! Oh no! A rich grandpa who attacked me for no reason, just because I am Greek I guess, this outside a kindergarten on the posh side of the town – he was a grandpa of one of the kids). I called the police telling them that I am in my car, I have my 2 year old daughter and my nanny and a crazy old guy attacks us banging my car. Please sent a police car or if you can't sent one, just call directly an ambulance (i.e. to pick up the old guy after I would had beaten him up….)". Trust me, in 3 minutes they were there!!!! Not 5 not 4 but within 3 minutes they had a car there! LOL! Hence I eventually did not need to hit him. He spoke English and he got the message and stood away waiting for the police

  2. $6000
    That's what it cost me in legal fees to defend myself from a false charge accusation of violence against my ex-wife I was divorcing at the time. It was an exceptionally lame charge that even the courts didn't want to deal with. Yet I had no experience with the legal system other than knowing once you get sucked in it's hard to rid oneself of that court machine.

  3. Men, do not tolerate this behavior. As Men, we have the ultimate Superpower. It's called the Door. Learn to use it. Too often Men forget this and try to 'Fix' broken Women. It is a waste of time and effort. Just leave.
    This is one reason to never get into a Relationship situation that is difficult to get out of.

  4. I cut in front of a lady in traffic. She then followed me for blocks until I went to a gas station to get gas. She got out of her car and banged on my windows. I literally ignored her.

    When I got out of my car and walked away she hit me in the face. I told her she's going to jail and that that point some random guy ran Between me and her and got in my face. I then got in my car and left, when I could have physically hurt both of them. Ladies are allowed to assault men, freely.


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