HILLARY Calls For Putin REGIME CHANGE | Breaking Points

Ryan and Saagar react to Hillary Clinton outright calling for the overthrowing of Putin in Russia.

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  1. Well at least we know our country would be peaceful if we had a woman POTUS.

    It's incredible to me that noone has killed this cretin with whatever may kill it, perhaps:
    1. Wooden stake through the heart
    2. Silver bullets
    3. Kill it with fire
    4. Or perhaps hit it with one of those drones it killed children with for nearly 30 yrs.

    All BS aside, anyone dumb enough to show this witch any credibility is beyond the event horizon.

  2. Hillary made the comments because she has an illusion about something that there is no way to verify. I.e. the people surrounding Putin are against Putin. This could be true or false but definitely no way to make sure if it's true or not. The illusion means take uncertain things as certain. This is a common cognitive defect among morden human.
    The problem is:large quantity of such kind of people are easily be elected. Because morden human are still not able to detect the defective people. The world is dangerous.

  3. Saagar. You are regurgitating SK propaganda. Those stories cost $800,000 USD a piece.

    The idea that Kim shredded his uncle with artillery or fed someone to dogs is literal propaganda. Peel the onion on these stories. It's a literal "news" story posted randomly in SK that cites "trust me bro" then western companies just pick it up and start spewing it like it was the truth.

    western perception of NK has been propagandized for 70+ years straight saagar, wake up.

  4. Our elites WANT a nuclear war with Russia because the fallout of the war will be the justification for the one-world global government that they have always wanted, Not to mention the global depopulation that they have always wanted. They are not stupid or misguided, They will emerge from their bunkers as kings of the world.

  5. We all know the plan, Clinton. It was to fund Ukrainian far-rightists in their attacks on ethnic Russians after your 2014 coup, until such time as Russia, unable to tolerate the threat and knowing that the West was completely untrustworthy, would decide it had no choice but to invade. Then the West screams "RUSSIANS ARE EVIL AGRESSORS, SANCTIONS, SANCTIONS". Russia would be bogged down in a military and political quagmire, its economy crippled by sanctions, and Putin toppled so you could move in, break apart Russia, install your puppets and have its resources while also encircling your main target, China. WE KNOW THAT WAS WHAT YOU WERE DOING. It didn't really work, because the West never learns that punching Russia in the face doesn't make Russia fall down, it takes the blow and resists. However, you have pushed the world to the brink of WWIII and potential nuclear annihilation. So well done, you absolute morons. Back off, drop this "we're totally gonna regime change Russia" nonsense, and do some soul searching on a national level.

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