Hillary Clinton Calls For MORE Ukraine Spending. Conflict Most PROPAGANDIZED War EVER: Professor

Batya Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave interview Max Abrahms, a professor of international relations at Northeastern University, about the possible missteps President Biden is making in the Russia-Ukraine war. #ukraine #biden #ukrainewar

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  1. LOL, how did that Arab spring turn out, honey? Give us some more of that genius expertise. I'm dying to hear about how Jeffersonian democracy is going to replace theocracies, monarchies, and strongmen in the Middle East. And I'm just wondering if paying for Al Nusra and Al Queda terrorists to fight as mercenaries in Ukraine is part of your brilliant strategy to increase America's help to Ukraine? It's almost as smart as your husband was when he had the US train Bosnians how to make bombs to fight against the Serbians. Yep, that was a real Rhodes scholar of an idea. Ask any parent of a US service person blown up by an IED in Iraq or Afghanistan. They're probably real impressed by how well those Bosnian bomb makers learned their craft.

  2. The guest struggles to not be to forthright in criticising the US for it's 2014 coup in Ukraine and long planned proxy war to attack ethnic Russians in the Donbass and to weaken Russia . Listen to Col McGregor, Scott Ritter, Ray McGovern. They tell a very different story that the corporate media.

  3. Really he’s saying this From NorthEastern University? I will dispute this being a popular opinion on their campus. I’m sure people like the old broad from Northeastern I dated and a bunch of her Economic professors are definitely in league with the Hilary statement.

    Kudos to Max for his unpopular opinion differing from his colleagues on Campus.

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