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Hollywood Celebrities and ABC Australia’s chair Ita Buttrose are shilling for Pfizer

Hollywood celebrities, ABC Australia’s Chair Ita Buttrose and TV Covid experts are shamelessly shilling for Pfizer in the companies latest round of advertising.

Written by Real Rukshan

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  1. I guess I'm old-fashioned … if the manufacturer of a product – ANY product – thinks they need so-called 'celebrities' to sell it, I immediately know their product is crap and I won't buy it.

    Why? Because a quality product stands on its own and sells itself, and just doesn't need all the bulldust. It doesn't need flashy packaging, and it most certainly doesn't need some idiot actor, singer, model or sportsperson to tell you how great it is and 'endorse' it. When it comes to medicine, for example, what the hell would some actor know about it?! That's right ~ precisely squat, for they're an actor, not a chemist, not a doctor, et cetera, so why would you ever listen to them on the matter? If you're wise, you won't! And I would say the same about a software salesman doing it; or any of the people in that video (and I imagine it was removed because our AMA pointed-out that it's unethical and against their guidelines. And if not, they should have — for such ads used to be illegal here, and as far as I know they still are).

    So if a manufacturer needs to try that hard to sell their product, whatever it is, recognise that it's all bullshit! And do yourself a favour and avoid it like the Plague.

    When you go to your butcher, think about how a nice, fresh leg of Australian lamb is packaged…

    Usually just wrapped in Glad-wrap, isn't it? With a small, plain, black-and-white label; and no bullshit. They don't even need to use the fact that it's pasture-raised and finished as a selling-point, because you can take for granted that it is. Take a lesson from that.

    Compare Coke, Pepsi, et al., — they use their bright packaging and 'celebrity' spruikers because the stuff is fly-spray, that's poisoning you! Take a lesson from that too — especially in context!

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