Hope strategy at Munich Security Conference

Hope strategy at Munich Security Conference
The Duran: Episode 1509



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  1. Great free video. Thank you. 😉😂😉😉😄😂😉😄😋😉😄😋😙😄😋😙😄😙😋😄😋😙😄😋😙😄😙😋😄😉😂😃😃😉😁😉😃😁😁😃😉😉😃😁😉😃😂😉😂😃😉😋😃😙😎😎😎 H. Hg guug u gug Ih

  2. Russia is not strengthening itself to fight the proxy war in Ukraine. It is preparing for a NATO offensive through Poland. Wagner for Ukraine and the rest of the military is for potential WW III. I don't know whether Poles have as much of a death wish as Ukranians. I hope they have a bit more intelligence

  3. I think that Sy Hersh's expose IS the internal war in DC breaking out into the open. Somebody high up in the DC intel/military establishment has accused Biden, Blinken, Sullivan and Nuland of a very great crime – an act of war against a reputed ally, Germany, not only without congressional approval but with no notice even to the intel/military congress critters. I can't think of a precedent. This is war, inside DC.

  4. the WARMONGERS NEED regime change in russia, so they can make russia, cannon fodder to attack CHINA………. this is the reason why they going for russia first………. to take over russian government and military, and force them to attack china……….. if they attack china, they will collapse, since 1,000s of western companies are inside china.

  5. While visiting Europe a few years ago, I had the opportunity to talk with many Europeans and the one overarching theme they iterated was to watch out for the Germans. I dismissed their fear as just German-phobia. However, after realizing the German scientists grab by the U.S. and Soviet Union post WWII gave me pause to reconsider my previous opinion. I attended a series of lectures by a Spanish professor who stated the overt fear of Germans that the people of Europe had. Subsequently the European allies came up with the idea to create the EU as they were first hand witnesses of the power of the Germans who in less than 20 years became a world power. And they decided to make Germany the big brother of the EU because of their super high intelligence and their access to the iron rich Essen Valley In this way as Germany was the head of the EU then they couldn’t revolt because they would only be revolting against themselves. I thought this a kind of bizarre type of logic but after the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines that the U.S. destroyed with the compliance of Norway, I now believe there is more than a kernel of truth in the professor’s opinion. The logic that the Europeans would rather be vassals to the U.S. than to live under the yoke of Germany.

  6. Capitalists want to divide Russia into about 10 or so different states in order to plunder their vast natural resource reserves. Capitalists want to divide China into about 6 or 7 different states because they represent socialism, they have vast natural resource reserves, & they have a massive consumer base.

    Pretty straight forward stuff.

  7. Never thought invading Formosa was on Xi Jinping's war plans. But with NATO overstretched tied down on a multitude of Global Fronts and sitting ducks in Pacific Atlantic and Mediterranean ponds of Levant & North African theatres, I am now not so sure that Xi Jinping will not kill more than a few birds in the Ukraine bush and sitting ducks in the ponds with one big Formosa island stone chucked into Pacific. Watch out Tokyo.

  8. What's going to happen when Ukraine is on the ropes is Poland will merge with Ukraine to join the war, take up position and immediately make peace with Putin. This will make Poland as big as Germany as far as votes in the EU. Then Poland, Hungary, Italy, and other Euroskeptics will congregate and face down woke Brussels.

  9. The incoherent rhetoric spewing from the mouths of foolish western leaders at present, only goes to hi light how dysfunctional irrational and truly desperate these people have become. Contrary to their narcissistic and arrogant predictions it is instead Russia that has operated in a cool calm and collective fashion and all the while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Methodically they creep ever forward , destroying Ukraine and burning copious amounts of NATO hardware on an ever growing bonfire all the while providing proof of their superior military intellect and prowess with intended operations that produce only small numbers of Russian casualties…(well done) !
    On every issue, the collective West has severally underestimated their opponent . Russian military grows larger and more powerful by the day.Their economical economy is stable and prepared for growth.
    The western sanctions in the hope of fragmenting Russian unity has instead unified and solidified this sovereign nation.
    While the US and EU relentlessly mocked and antagonised a perceived weak and frail victim ,the bear, the bear pretended to sleep . While the bear rested he planned and he implemented strategies and systems that would provide him with great strengths of durability and perseverance with impressive powers to crush his cruel and deceitful enemies .
    Congratulations and condolences NATO , you succeeded in waking an angry Bear,
    NOW WHAT ?!!!
    Will the US UK EU ever learn a simple truth ?
    Allow Russia to be a good friend, or by your choice , be a lethal foe !
    It’s TIME For NEGOTIATIONS NOW millions of innocent lives depend on it.

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