Host Visibly Scared by Jordan Peterson’s Warning of What’s Next #Shorts | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” reacts to a clip of Jordan Peterson telling Sky News Australia’s Rita Panahi about why a totalitarian social credit system is more likely than we think.

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  1. In China.
    They turn off your ability to move around.
    No busses, no trains and certainly no flying.
    They just red flag your card or completely turn it off. No money, no traveling.
    All because you were seen at or near a protest or your boss reported you for something. Or because you didn't follow covid mandates to the letter.

    Don't fall for it. Everything starts out as a safety or convenience issue. Then used against you when they realize how much money or control there is to be had.

  2. I don’t use digital anything . Cash as much as possible. FYI. Take your cash saving and buy gold with 1/2 of it. Start growing your own food. If you haven’t yet, start this week. The only problem with growing food is the seeds. You need to cultivate your own seeds after your initial purchase.

  3. I remember talks long ago about the mark of the beast and how Christians said you will either take the Mark or you will not transact anything. The opposition always laughed it off as some Boogeyman fairytale. Now it seems most people don't even remember the discussion.

  4. Sounds like the Netherlands and the EU.
    If you want to log into a government website and such you can use a EU login.
    Transactions above 100 euros will be monitored (the excuse they came up with is that its against white washing money).
    They want to get rid of real money and you are to use only plastic. In MANY stores this is already the case or there is one register against 5 or more self paying with plastic type ones.
    The central banks of the EU have brought out a digital euro. This is another step towards getting rid of real money and paying with plastic EU.
    And on and on.
    It's already mandatory to always carry proof of identity in the Netherlands.

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