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Household Financial Stress Ratchets Up Higher!

A quick summary from our latest surveys and modelling which continues to show pressure on many households is increasing.

This data to end January will inform our next live show on Tuesday, where you can ask a question live, and we will have post code level analysis available.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!


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  1. Will there be any discussion on most people's largest expense – taxes?
    Why is this large impost on the cost of living ignored? If you had zero taxes to pay – how would that change your lifestyle?
    If you want the government to spend your money, please do donate as much as you like to them for them to waste on your behalf.

  2. Christopher Joye: "Super strong US employment data will embolden Fed to push to 5.25pc and possibly beyond, also raising risk RBA hikes past 3.6pc. House price declines not likely to slow until RBA stops hiking. Lower bound of our 15-25pc forecast correction could be an optimistic outcomeā€¦"

  3. My son is a junior property manager, He has been phoning tenants To notify them on rent increases. $480 weekly rentals are getting a $100 a week increase , then in 6 months time they will be hit with another $50 per week.
    $150 increase in 2023
    Interesting times

  4. Household stress is increasing with increased rents. Much prefer to hold a $70k mortgage than a rental lease with increasing rents and no security. I'll take a short term dip in prices anyday rather than pay a landlord and a property pimp. What do you think Depression Financial Analytics; better to rent or buy? Since you own your home in Thirroul, we know your answer is buy. However, are you planning to sell because you believe renting is cheaper? Depression Financial Analytics never seems to back his own words. Instead he is holding a falling asset and is subsidized by Youtube and $250 phone calls.

  5. NestlƩ announced that food prices are going to continue to rise, however at a slower pace. We'll see how right they are. I suggest that food price rises will accelerate not decelerate, and there is a fundamental reason for that. As the 70's clearly shows, spending habits change and people begin to, hoard and direct a greater percentage of their income to essentials. Food will be the last to deflate.

  6. As terrible as it sounds, some people need / deserve to loose their home. When on earth was it a good idea to borrow $700k to a Million plus when you live in the western suburbs of Sydney. Just because the bank will lend it to you, doesn't make it a good idea. When did they think they would pay it off… I live in a 1970's house that I did up over time. I could have borrowed a heap more and bought a newer home. But I don't want a mortgage when I retire. Ill pay off the house in 6 years. I still take my family out for dinner once a fortnight. I'm not well off but I've lived by a budget over the last 10 years so I'm happy to say rates could go to 10% and make no difference to me. Ill keep living my life by my budget.

  7. The whole fiat system depends on ever expanding debt to survive. The banks are desperate to get individuals, companies and whole Nations in as much debt as possible; hence the wars, price hikes, food processing plant arsons, mass layoffs, lockdowns, toxic food and injections, etc.

  8. I started a small veggie garden and its saving me heaps of money. Have plenty of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers are just coming in. Heep of Leeks and snow peas. Also do my own micro greens in a jar. All makes a wonderful salad. Doesnā€™t take up much room. Tomatoes are around the pool in between plants.AND its fun

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