How Google, Facebook and others use our most personal secrets against us | DW Documentary

Is it possible to use a person’s personal Google data to create their doppelganger? To reconstruct their personality, behavior patterns and hidden desires?

A cross-media data experiment makes it possible to experience what kind of insights into our most intimate secrets Google, Facebook, and others already have.
In the film, a former YouTube developer, a Google marketer, an expert for personalized advertising and several data protectionists explore the potentials – and the risks – that lie in algorithmic personality detection and behavior prediction.
The film exposes how tech companies use the collected data of billions of people to turn our weaknesses, insecurities, illnesses and vulnerabilities to addiction into profit.

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  1. Whoever is running the internet, fbi and other authorities, is putting a lot of energy into keeping victims of human trafficking silenced and isolated, facebook actually lets occult members mock and threaten me without shutting down their accounts, but blocks me when i stand up for myself and other victims.

  2. Seeing the one that helped those with the data that was found, we need more of that….I want to be part of that kind of world. I want to help a business like that. We need more of these….especially since this is all being collected. But, no most just want to sell us things, so push those sells on us…. We need more helping people….but, why does most everything have to be about money?

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