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How Many Australian Homes are Foreign Owned?

Australia has a rental crisis and yet we continue to allow foreign entities, including shelf companies, buying and locking up homes.

According to recent publicly available data, NSW Treasury figures as much as $5 billion of residential property is purchased by foreign buyers in one year.

With one in ten homes unoccupied and the rental crisis making Australian families homeless, how dare Minister Farrell sideline my questioning for an opportunity to lobby for a bill which is nothing but a ‘drop in the ocean’ against the Australian housing crisis. A crisis that is caused by unbridled immigration and failure to even inquire as to why so many homes are vacant.

The answer to this crisis couldn’t be more clear: put Australians first!


Written by Malcolm Roberts

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  1. I can’t buy any land or housing in any other country …..I can lease overseas but not allowed to buy ….. but this government allows anyone with money to purchase land ….property. This country run by a bunch of M@#$%s . The Chinese own so much of this beautiful country. I know in the last 12 months a hotel in Lakes Entrance was purchased in cash by …yes The Chinese. If this government doesn’t trust the Chinese why allow them to buy in this country??? The average Australian cannot compete against the Chinese and other foreign investors.
    OPEN YOUR EYES . They can’t even answer a simple question ….which only means one thing …..THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR THE TRUTH ….SIMPLE

  2. My Elderly client will be kicked out of her Bedsit ! Was 170 now 450 and there are four old age pensioners getting kicked out ! So what will happen is theu go into aged care when they were capable of having independence ! Hence other needy elderly people will find it hard to get into a aged care home ! I wish i could tell him this !!!! His BS delivery is pathetic!

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