How the Biden family preyed on Ukraine corruption

The Grayzone’s Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal examine new allegations of Biden family corruption in post-coup Ukraine, where Hunter Biden cashed in on a corrupt gas firm seeking protection from prosecution, and the president now stands accused of direct involvement. Aaron discusses his interview with a former Ukrainian government employee who blew the whistle on the Maidan government’s corruption and warmaking.

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  1. To say that U.S leadership is impolite and holding only contempt towards Ukraine is true. Adam Schiff, as a representative of the U.S peoples, has spoken the most inhumane language about another Country's people, ie Ukraine. Schiff is delusional, with an unhealthy outlook on foreign policy.

  2. When I hear the name "Biden," I have mixed feelings. One is disgust that with each passing day, he & his flunkies are exposed for more insane incompetence & corruption. The other is a hopeful feeling he's not gonna make it to 2024. Lastly I feel a kind of smugness that I knew enough not to vote for him in the first place. 🤔 👇
    Thank you, Max & Aaron for all the hours & hard work you put in. 👆 ✌ 👏 💯

  3. I can't believe Trump or his family, wasn't found to be doing anything other than Corrupt and nefarious. He must be the Mary Poppins of Skyscrapers or he's a Corrupt Superhero, that has the powers of leaving no trace of wrongdoing. Maybe, he's good at doing business deals.

  4. Obama had to be one of Biden's necessary accomplices. No way Obama did not have to approve the billion dollar loan to Ukraine, for example. A lot of people has to be involved in Biden's PROTECTIVE EXTORTION scams around the world. And a lot of money is also involved: Billions. Biden and Hunter alone could not achieve that for so long, it is just impossible.

  5. My feeling about Hunter’s so called painting is just another way to launder money and quite possibly money he has illegally already obtained being shuffled out of one of his shell companies off shore accounts into payments for the art either way it stinks of corruption big time

  6. President Biden is unlikely to be impeached because of the political fall out that would be so damaging to America's credibility and standing throughout the world resulting in enough Republicans deciding not to vote to impeach President Biden. Republicans will pressure the Whitehouse to oust Biden due to the ever increasing mountains of evidence of corruption surrounding Biden and his family's shady business interests all over the world. President Biden will get a option to resign over health concerns so avoiding his Impeachmet and the humiliation that would bring to the .Whitehouse and Democrats alike. Democrats only choice now is to switch their support reluctantly to Kennedy knowing this would be their only chance to compete with Trump and staying in power. However Biden knowns he could avoid a curtain election defeat and avoid having to resign the Presidency is by forcing an all out war with Russia postpone the election using emergency powers allfrom the safety of a Nuklier Bunker .Adolf Hitler also spent his last 4 months in a Berlin Bunker the Russians finally entering the bunker May 1945. History repeating?

  7. Not to take anything away from Aaron and Max but this whole thing is of no consequence at all. NOTHING will happen to Bidens, just like Clintons they are untouchable and last shred of "American democracy" got shot in 1963 in Dallas. Since then you have been living in kleptocracy. Spend your energy on something of value, something you CAN change instead of this exercise in futility.

  8. So, basically, Ukraine is run exactly how the west claims Russia is run. Ironic? No this is the tactic- always claim your enemy is doing what you are doing. It’s the rule of the US Democrat Party, and the US permanent bureaucracy, which are basically one in the same

  9. But there is a connection: the more America spends on war, the less it has available for human needs including education." Without proper education, people are easily misled to believe the worst about other people and to support catastrophic wars".They easily fall prey to media distortions and misrepresentations at the expense of justice and their own interests.

Ukraine War Moving into Russia w Ray McGovern fmr CIA

Ukraine War Moving into Russia w/ Ray McGovern fmr CIA

The West sells out Ukraine as counteroffensive flops

The West sells out Ukraine as counteroffensive flops