How The Fed Plans To Control and Surveil You Using Digital Currency

Dr. Michael Rectenwald, author, Distinguished Fellow at Hillsdale College, and former NYU Professor. He is the author of “The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda” Michael discusses the various components of the Great Reset, including the economic system it establishes, the deep history of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the population control “ethics” of the WEF and related globalist organizations. You can find Michaels’ book here: The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda.
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Written by Kim Iversen

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  1. We are all getting pushed towards a situation that coul lead us all into a situation like on the movie hunger games where the people are considered as disposable bearded man into areas like prison the powers that be have been working on this since the ninety's with agenda 21 COVID-19 was the start

  2. We’re part of the 5 eyes for a reason, the other eyes are the dry run for us whilst the unconstitutional ATF uses our taxpayer dollars to argue against the “shall not be infringed” 2A. You saw the assault on the truckers and their de-banking, now you see the forceful imposition of digital ID in Australia, they’re just easing you into the kill box

  3. There's gonna be so many problems when they try to do this for instance right now you get 1099 if you sell something on eBay but yet if you're selling something that's old that you've already paid for you shouldn't have to pay in taxes again but how does the government know just because a sale came up whether it was something that was old or something new you're selling as a business they have no way of knowing that and that's why they're just gonna hit you with taxes take the money right out of your account that you're supposed to go and fight to get your money back and anyone knows once they take your money way harder to get it back there it is to stop them I'm taking it

  4. This is all leading to a bloody revolution, these organisations are the ones who will feel the peoples rathe, 15 Minuit city’s climate covid all part of the fear tactics , digital currency it’s all part of their agenda to control you , there’s only one thing left to the people if they want their freedom is to fight.and revolt

  5. If anyone here bother to read their Bible they would know who's Isn't controlled this The Bible told us thousands a years a go Lucifer would be coming With the mark of the beast and that's what they want they're Luciferians pretending to be christians that's why they're hunting down all catholics and considering them domestic terrorists why they're hunting down christians of Christian faith I'm not talking about you out there that says I'm a Christian and goes to church once a year and doesn't change their life for anything I'm talking about those who will not bend their will to satan they will not do as satan wishes they are going to die following the Lord Jesus Christ Those are the ones they can't control the ones they're hunting

  6. All you have to do is look at Georgia guidestones folks before they got kingdom has rules therefore satan's kingdom has to have rules God tells you what hes going to do before he does it therefore satan has to tell you what it's gonna do before he does it they try to hide it even though they're telling you they try to make it look like it's not real even though they're showing you it's has all been written over 2000 years ago folks just simply open the last book of The Bible revelations and read it you'll know exactly where we are by what's happening around you If you have an accepted Jesus Christ there's no better time folks remember Jesus loves you and to all christians become be still Jesus told us this is coming and hes coming and hes bringing Justice with him where will the luciferians hide on that day nowhere remember all I repeat all knees will bend including Melissa ferrians del bao before the real God Lord Jesus Christ Where will Saint be on that day hiding and cowering

  7. I know a lot of you out there who went to school and actually paid attention to asking themselves well humans breathe out carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen the more carbon dioxide the faster the trees grow the more oxygen they put out it's a symbiotic relationship folks there is no climate change it's a false religion it's a panic it's a way to try to control and hurt the human race you have these elites telling the whole world what to do let's just get rid of the elites and then we can get back to having a normal happy life Sounds good doesn't it

  8. According to AOC we should all have been dead 2 years ago The planet was gonna end of course Florida still asking him to go on up one mm and I'm 51 since I've been born you know be climbing emergency I live right off the water no fear

  9. To all christians pay attention you'll see every day there's train crashes there's more problems more breakdowns in our society attacks on our electrical grids tax on our water this is not just random folks this is to cause panic this is to cause you all to run right to the government to save you and unfortunately the set the governments are serving blue supper they're all bought and paid for in full

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