How the Rouleau Commission Got it All WRONG – Emergencies Act Inquiry – w/ Keith Wilson

Justice Paul Rouleau justified PM Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act, not because the Freedom Convoy was a threat, but because the government failed in their duties at all levels.
Government Incompetence is now the threshold to suspending Civil Liberties in Canada.
To address this issue and talk about where this goes next, Lawyer Keith Wilson joined me in conversation.

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  1. The government of Canada is the name of the corporation… order to be in the government you must be a citizen…… citizens do not have the human rights human beings have. When Identifying as a citizen you are taken as a member of this corporation… the government. It is saying you fucked up…. as a member of government. This is the government dealing with itself. Being a citizen is a daily part time gig in most cases. Human beings are not part of this Corporation.

  2. Citizens of Canada cannot ,do not, own land. Canada ( the Canada created by the document ) is not land but a jurisdiction. Some are subject to it and some are not. When asked if you are in Canada it is a question of whether or not you are subject to the jurisdiction. Police have a lot to answer for.

  3. While this is an exclusive event that has occurred in Canada regarding the Emergency Act fiasco, it is to also be understood that there are people above Trudeau pushing this insanity and threat to Canadians and truly, against humanity. And there lies the problem as this is a global issue whereby many of the countries we hear about are all undergoing similarly forced transitions into a clusterfkn nightmare. What we are dealing with is a push into Hades by absolute incompetent and unintelligent buffoons like Trudeau, WEF, etc.

    Corruption, criminality, lying, conniving, manipulating, oppressing, controlling, abusing, enforcing illogical ideologies, and demonstrating a clear example of conscious degeneracy is what they all are. I said time and time again what was to come and the horrors while also stating how the laws were about to change in their favor but no longer ours. And, here we are…it's all happening. I think is it too little too late for anyone really. Love letters to MPs etc isn't going to cut it.

    I think the opportunity to have made those critical changes are long gone especially during the convoy. A physical removal and resignation of Trudeau should have been accomplished. Looking ahead now, it will indeed become far worse and this I can say with certainty based on all the approaches and actions from both sides that were taken from the onset of the pandemic. As they say from here on in, 'the game is rigged' and not in your favor. More control, oppression, misery, hardship, chaos, violence, famine, are coming. It will be most unfortunately as many if not the majority will succumb to the horrors that lay ahead. Ghost me, post me, or delete me, as it just does not matter. My words have already been said.

  4. The ruling is not a big surprise, Rouleau said it was a mishandling from all departments and that is typical of how this government is doing things on a daily bases. How many more time does the leaders of our government have to get caught and found guilty of corruption and incompetence before someone demands an election and someone goes to jail. ENOUGH ALREADY!! These are the people that we elected to serve the people of Canada, not to steal of the people and serve their friends.

  5. We are witnessing Trudeau doing his NWO agenda mission to further destroy Canada and bring us into 3rd world Technocratic vassal state, the faster people wake up the cold dark hard nightmare reality and future of this and make a full concrete commitment to NOT COMPLY/PARTICIPATE – TO RESIST – TO NOT GIVE UP – ONE STIVER, ONE SMIDGEON, ONE STIVER AND ONE SHILLING then the faster people can learn that only seeking the true sole Creator in humility and submission can heal this land.

  6. Oh the world will sing of an Canadian PM
    A thousand years from now
    And not because he passed some laws
    Or had that lofty brow
    While bonny good Charter of Rights leads
    The great crusade they are on.
    We'll all have to slave away
    For that good-for-nothing Trudeau.

    Incredible as he is inept
    Whenever the history books are kept
    They'll call him the phony PM of Canada
    A pox on the phony PM of Canada!

    He sits alone on a giant throne
    Pretendin' he's the Prime Minister
    A little tyke who's rather like
    A puppet on a string
    And he throws an angry tantrum
    if he cannot have his way
    And then he calls for Mum while he's suckin' his thumb
    You see, he doesn't want to play

    Too late to be known as Trudeau the First
    He's sure to be known as Trudeau the worst
    A pox on that phony PM of Canada!

    While he taxes us to pieces
    And he robs us of our bread
    Canada's crown keeps slippin' down
    Around that pointed head
    Ah! But while there is a merry man
    in Freedom's wily pack
    We'll find a way to make him pay
    And steal our money back

    The minute before he knows we're there
    Ol' Freedom will snatch his underwear
    The breezy and uneasy PM of Canada
    The snivellin' grovellin'
    Measly weasely
    Blabberin' jabberin'
    Gibberin' jabberin'
    Blunderin' plunderin'
    Wheelin' dealin'
    Justin Trudeau that phony PM of Canada

  7. The "Prime Minister" of Canada, employed by "Canadians" (CHINA), literally has thrown our God given Rights and Freedoms out the window and lit them on fire. The greatest crime is that we haven't already thrown that prick (and his comrades) in a deep dark cell for the rest of their days!! Canada's silence on Trudeau's actions has been up to this point grossly disappointing. 🤨

  8. I honourably and disagree with you @ClydeDoSomething about this is not a Right or Left issue / non partisan.. actually it's the Left doing this to us who are not on the Left. You even have MP Conservative Christina Mitas making the same facts clear. The Left hand path walkers… which is the way of the Devil.. they ALL eventually seek what their father of lies seeks.. to be like God.

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