How TikTok Is Convincing Teens They’re Trans & Mentally Ill

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Written by Blaire White

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  1. I've been diagnosed with numerous mental health disorders. Clinical depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. I'm 33 and I've been diagnosed with all three throughout different times in my life.
    The most prevalent one is definitely my depression. It tends to have the biggest affect on me on a day to day basis. I call it "The Big Sad".

    I have a SEVEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER and I've noticed that she has started to say that she is "depressed" or she has "the big sad". I've taken time to sit her down and genuinely talk to her about how she is feeling.

    Don't get me wrong, her feelings are very valid, even at seven years old. We've been through a lot in these seven years. She is far more aware than a lot of other kids her age. She is very mature for her age. I understand that, sometimes, things do bother her and she is especially worried about me and how I'm feeling because she knows that I struggle sometimes.

    BUT… Through these conversations, I've realized that she is just repeating what she hears. She hears me say it and she is CONSTANTLY hearing kids online say it. (idk if the kids online are saying it because they think it's trendy or if they're genuinely going through it, obviously)

    My SEVEN YEAR OLD is mimicking the words and phrases that she overhears others say! And if I hadn't sat her down and explained this entire phenomenon of kids thinking it's cool, trendy, cute, and trying to turn mental illness into an aesthetic, she very well could have ended up being one of those kids also.

    You don't have to completely invalidate your child's feelings in order to make them understand that this isn't an issue to be taken lightly. Don't let them self diagnose themselves or anyone else. That is dangerous.

  2. As someone who suffers from diagnosed BPD. It makes me upset that people pretend to have it and romanticise it. It isn't fun. It destroys your relationships, you think about suicide all the damn time, you self harm, you feel like you have a bug on you that won't let go. It's a burden and I would be blessed to not have BPD.

  3. Yes it's very interesting that it's teen girls self diagnosing, I assume it's part of the victim mentality that plagues us today. This reminds me, if you where involved with a Christian youth group as a teen, then you remember during the youth retreats when we talk about our pasts, the teen girls would always try to one up each other on who had the more traumatic child hood.

  4. Good video Blaire. these girls are cutting off their boobs so they can’t feed their Babies someday. If they make themselves sterile and then can’t have children, maybe that’s not such a bad thing –

    do we want mentally fucked up (note I don’t say mentally ill) someday parents? No. These ppl will be so fucked up they shouldn’t be raising kids. What may happen is that the conservative parents will be the only healthy and able ones to raise the children of future generations

  5. Have been watching those gender identity videos from both sides for a while now. And I have come to a conclusion.

    The trans community have become the conservative Christians they hated so much.

    Two opposite sides of the same coin.

    How to differentiate between a community and a cult? Only cults feel the need to preach.

    Woke schools teaching gender identities and pronouns?

    Christian schools praising God every day?

    Awfully similar eh?

    "Don't worry, the effects are reversible. We still love and support you."

    "Don't worry, religion can be changed, God still loves you."

    Conveniently leaving out the traumatic parts many people faced via de-transitions and exorcisms.

    "Let the children come!"

    "Let the children come!"

    I was wondering why both ends are notorious for the amount of groomers. Took the pun too seriously eh?

    "We do not hate de-transitioners! Do mind you they still are trans though, they are just facing hardships."

    "We don't condemn others for having different beliefs! Do mind you they still need God though, they have their crosses to bear."

    In the name of love and support, Hallelujah.

    "Stop oppressing us!"

    "Stop oppressing us!"

    Depends on where they are, I suppose. Equally privileged in white countries, equally dead in Islamic countries.

    "Your tiktoks are cringy."

    "Your tiktoks are cringy."

    As a bystander, both sides aren't wrong.

    "Don't weaponize the de-transitioners against us, they don't speak for everyone!"

    "Don't weaponize the ones who left God against us, they don't speak for everyone!"

    Oh NOW you don't care about the minority. :')


    “You aren’t Christian just because you pray before you eat and recognize God exists; you listen to secular music! Demonic! You should praise God everyday!”

    Ya, not extreme by the slightest bit.

    But wait, here's the best one.



    Comedy. Gold.

    (I am well aware Christianity and LGBT aren't mutually exclusive, but you get the idea.)

    This is why neither side will ever win. They are the same.

    I love and abhor both sides at the same time for all the entertainment, cringe, and legitimate threats they have provided.



    Whatever you say, buddy.

  6. The one girl who equated insomnia with "staying up on your phone until 4AM" – Sweety, that's just bad sleep habits.

    I'm 29, I've had insomnia since I was 16. I've been on every sleeping pill and sedative you can name, I routinely fail to be able to sleep for up to 20 – 24 hours at a time. My more extreme episodes last up to 48 hours, when this happens I end up sleeping for 24 hours, waking up feeling incredibly disorientated. It's destroying my physical health and my emotional wellbeing. I haven't ever been able to hold down a job for the same reason, (how can I promise an employer I'll be able to work 8 – 6 one day when I don't even know if I'll be awake?).
    I'm just incredibly lucky that my wife is a saint and supports me through this illness.

  7. I don’t have any kids but you should do a video on what to do if your child does come to you and say they think they are trans bc as someone who isn’t I wouldn’t know how to tell if it was really how they felt or if it’s all the brainwashing on social media. This is an important video thanks for the upload ❤

  8. Is it time to reboot the world yet? I think it’s time
    No but on a serious note: I DO believe it’s a good thing that we de stigmatize mental health issues but our society seems to only be able from one radical to another… it’s either “if you are sad you get locked up and need to have an exorcism” or “let’s make mental disorders a trendy personality quirk”

  9. I am a psychiatrist. I work with adults, while one of my colleagues works with teenagers as a child psychiatrist. We have observed a lot of cases when the person admitted to the hospital is diagnosed with some kind of disease, which is usually highly romanticised among young adults and teens, gets treated for this disease, their state declining and the appearance of side effects on any dose and any kind of medications. Only to discover that the actual problem here is the conversion disorder. Traditionally this disorder has been characterised by the person adopting traits of actual neurological or motor disorder on functional level without actual biological background (which is usually targeted to remove the symptoms of these diseases). But right now the clinics of conversions has swayed more onto imitating psychic symptoms. Which gets complicated even more, since all people have a certain ability to dissociate and convert, but not all of them actually have a conversion disorder (which also gets treated, but by psychotherapeutic means). Most of the time at the root of the problem there is a demand for a certain attitude from the society or referential group without responsibility for their own actions. All of this saddens me to the core.

  10. I had this period where I dressed like a boy, had short hair and was into more masculine things. I kind of thought i was trans bc I thought “girls aren’t into this stuff, so I must be a boy” that mindset quickly faded out. I’m in my early 20’s now and fear what would’ve happened if I was a kid nowadays and was expressing those traits. They’re so quick to label you something if you stray from your sexes gender norms

  11. I think transgenderism being hijacked by teens using it as a trend, is very damaging to those that are ACTUALLY transgender. It's already very difficult for these people to be accepted and acknowledged, and this crazy 'demon pronouns' nonesens is not helping.

  12. DID, the disorder has been bastardized so hard. The 'alters' are not supposed to know about each other. There is no 'protector' or alter statuses. The DID is alters completely believing that they are the one and only identity and have been this way since birth.

    Plus, DID is caused by EXTREME PTSD.

    Huh, I wonder why P. O. W.s, those from war torn countries, or child soliders ever have this?
    Why is it always white americans?

  13. I feel like some of these kids aren't being monitored enough or aren't being paid enough attention by their parents. This generation is more impressionable because the parents aren't teaching them and just let them spend most of their time in front of a screen and then when they start acting out then their parents want to step in to take away their phones so then the kids threaten to harm themselves cause they're addicted to social media I've seen it first hand and it's so sad. Limit your kids to screen time and set up parental controls for their phones. Talk to your children.

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