How TikTok is Normalizing the Unthinkable…

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Written by Repzion

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  1. I was for banning tiktok until i started using it. I do prefer youtube but major channels who use it for news actually make a good point on how the US just wants to ban it not because of chinese spying, but rather they dont censor news there. I had no idea france was undergoing a country wide riot because they raised retirement age.

    I used to want it banned because i dont like tiktokers… Now i dont want it banned cause i hate the government more.

  2. Nothing at all like this shit existed when I grew up. It's like as a society we are sliding more and more into hell. To be set in a drone like, half asleep reactive state about life, so that one happens to prop up a murderer as if its a cool shock value tv show is terrifying to me.

  3. I've already saved 6 bucks on thc-0 cigarettes from Vance global so I'll have to get me a damn phone case now 😅😂🖤 gotta help with those court costs lol. It's not related to this video but I've been binging your videos about the personal stuff and just made a purchase from Vance global using your code haha. But to be fair it's payday today so I snagged it while I was remembering, I've been wanting to try them for a while, and usually vape it, but I'm a smoker and wanted to try the prerolls. 😊

    I've never had a tik tok or the app and have no desire to have one

  4. Being on the slightly older end of Gen Z, it's honestly insane to me the effect that TikTok has had in only the past couple years. I've seen some of my peers completely change who they are after downloading the app and getting involved in it. It really brings out the worst in people- I don't know if it's by intentional design, but I strongly believe that the structure of the app lends itself to this kind of behavior.
    This constant need to receive attention and/or have your attention held defines a lot of problematic behaviors in children that result in them doing things that are illogical at best, and self-destructive at worst. TikTok (and similar platforms like YT Shorts) is directly conducive to this same condition of needing something to hold your attention. It's gotten to the point where there are at least a couple people I know who cannot hold a conversation for more than a few minutes because they get *bored*. I've literally been stopped mid-sentence and told to go away because the other person is no longer finding it engaging enough.

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