How US Blackmails Other Countries – Explained By German Diplomat

A video more than a decade old featuring German diplomat Werner Weidenfeld in a TV appearance has resurfaced on Twitter, and it’s worth watching. In the segment Weidenfeld explains that the United States intelligence agencies embrace Germans when they agree, guilt trip Germans about World War II when they mildly disagree, and blackmail Germans with compromising information they’ve obtained when the disagreements are over major issues.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the scurrilous practices engaged in by US intelligence agencies to keep even staunch allies from exhibiting too much independence.

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  1. America blows up the German pipeline and the German government does not even complain. The video below shows the days when Germany stood up to America. On the 8 Feb 2003 German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, tells Donald Rumsfeld that he has not made a case for invading Iraq and Germany will not join the coalition with America.

    Video Title: "German FM makes impassioned plea for peace".
    Channel Name: "AP Archive".

  2. The 'reality' (of a 3yr prep'ed "personalised attack" of "I wrote his biography") of the drive-by siren stalking to tv/yt/gaming, is that I'm "black- african – migrant- dead by democracy – the 'police' are just the best saviours of humanity wit those 4:31am drive-by sirens – russian – traitor – not good enough – to send a message – completely helpless – alone – abandoned – no-one cares – a waste of space – disposable – hotel suicide". That's recently retired 'inspector' Knox's game. DH/DL, UK.

  3. The west doesn't value anything it claims to value. We crush individuality, censor speech, brainwash with propaganda, imprison and torture dissident journalists, tyrannize, terrorize, bomb, invade, rob, oppress and exploit. "Western values" are nothing but a propaganda construct. A giant jerk-off fantasy.

  4. We had the roman empire, the Ottoman empire, the soviet empire, the Babylon empire, the British empire but none was so brutal, savage, criminal, barbarian and inhuman than USA! USA empire thinks she's here for all eternity! One day, one country will invent technology capable of neutralizing and disabling all nuclear weapons and all satellites!

  5. America became the very thing WW2 veterans fought against ( nazism). These fine gentlemen who sadly many have passed away and those who are still around must be asking themselves why did we sacrifice ourselves for?? For us to become the evil empire that everyone slowly despises, especially after this unfortunate conflict in Ukraine began.

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