HUGE PUSH For Ukraine Into NATO | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss allies pressing Biden to hasten the pathway for Ukraine to join NATO.

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Written by Breaking Points

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  1. Baltic states know that Russia don't have enough nukes to strike them after they strike USA. So they are pretty safe – they aren't worth striking with nukes. In potential conflict all nukes would be flying to USA, Britain, and maybe France.

  2. You would need to understand the demographics of Ukraine to know that NATO membership is a bad idea. Ethnic Russians living in eastern Ukraine wants nothing to do with the west and much less with NATO. For Ukraine to be part of NATO would mean to force these eastern Ukrainian Russians under the boot of NATO and hosting missiles in their neighborhoods to point towards their relatives in Russia. Admitting Taiwan into NATO is much more easier since Taiwan is not as divided as Ukraine, much more friendly to the west, and very wary of China. If the Obama admin understood that, they wouldn't have miscalculated by doing a coup in 2014, and got hoodwinked when a civil war manifested in that divided country.

  3. lol title should read HUGE PUSH for WW3 what's sad is most Americans aren't being told why Russia is so upset in the first place if they knew they would understand if we had China or Iran army bases near our border we would be huge butt hurt as well but we would never let that happen

  4. Well, Biden did supply billions in weapons to the Taliban when we left. This admin does seem to work for the military industrial complex, so i don't see a choice. How else can we promise trillions more dollars for millions of dollats worth of weapons.

  5. NONE of this matters as its a non-event.
    Ukraine cannot become a NATO member because there is a rule that prevents any nation joining NATO if any parts of its border or borders are in dispute. Its why Putin supported the ethnic Russians in Crimea and the Donbas.
    This is one of the reasons Putin has supported other ethnic Russian enclaves or other enclaves in countries like Moldova with the Region called Transnistria and in Armenia with the region called Nagorno-Karabakh and Georgia with the region called South Ossetia.
    It's Putin's way of preventing more nations joining NATO.

  6. Alabama Gdp is as much as Poland? You are comparing a 5M state to a 40M country. Poland's GDP is more than 3x Alabama's…. there was also an agreement between US, Russia and Ukraine that Ukraine's security will be guaranteed if she gives up her nuclear weapons, so she did. Guess what happened next?

  7. Russia's opinions about NATO are wrong though. NATO is defensive in nature to begin with. NATO has never attacked a foreign nation without having been attacked first. The only thing Russia hates is that they don't have the ability to commit violent actions against any NATO neighbors for fear of them invoking Article 5. What nation wouldn't want that kind of security from an aggressive neighbor nation like Russia? Maybe Russia shouldn't have proven that they are a threat to their neighbors like Ukraine, by invading them? Then their arguments against NATO would actually be convincing, and likely done more to dismantling NATO than actively aggressing a neighbor.

  8. You are incredibly insulting. France to name one. France is stronger than Russia. France is civilized and not stealing children. I know you imagine your above it all and have escaped history. You have not. The reason America is the place you enjoy today is that millions of West Germans and South Koreans and others lined up to die fighting Russia. We spoiled American sent guns. Some American were in uniform to fight the away game. We did very well by that deal. We were the consumer of last resort and ran trade deficits to keep other economies functional enough that they could fight the Russians. Now you brag about your willingness to abandon allies to atrocities so you can make a separate peace with the FSB. A truce between Russia and Poland is a challenge. Mocking Poland and justifying for "Great power Russia" works directly against the possibility of that truce.

  9. The only way Biden can save Ukraine is to commit US ground troops. But they have undermined recruitment to such an extent with their woke culture push in the military that they can't get people to sign up. If US ground troops do get involved, I see no alternative to a reactivation of the draft.

  10. America the great satan, never thought i would agree with that statement in my life. Ever war in the last 30 years was based on lies by our government. What has it gotten us? Dead Americans and rich politicians and rich military industrial complex. Remember when the left hated these things?

  11. Apparently sager never seen anything about ww2. Letting a tyrant just roll over countries and sitting back doing nothing worked out well for Europe and the millions killed.. this is looking just like ww2 only the Russians are a joke where Germany succeeded. China replaces Japan and Iran north Korea would be Italy. Except these new countries are a joke compared to the ww2 countries. Quit being a puss sager. Oh and horrible journalism, they did not invade Ukraine because of nato. They literally say on TV as well as Putin calling them cokaroches and annihilating them. And also put in has said how he wants the old soviet bloc back. And you call your selves journalists.

  12. Hey hey, loving the new set. Some constructive feedback though, I feel like the background is just a bit too close? I know you’re probably working with limited space but if you’re able to bring the desk a foot or two forward maybe? If not, no worries, the set is amazing

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