Hundreds Gather at the College of Psychologists to Support Dr. Jordan Peterson – MSM Silent

Justin Trudeau and his Media lapdogs were silent as hundreds of people gathered in protest on a weekday in Toronto against the College of Psychologists of Ontario. This was in response to their arbitrary punishment of Dr. Jordan Peterson for words he spoke on the popular internet social media site, Twitter.

Dr. Peterson’s tweets:

Greg Wycliffe live stream of the event:

Kat Kanada’s tweet:

News articles on the event:

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  1. A Psychologist who speaks as a Philosophist, is a brilliant combo. He can be both……only a few
    Muzzle the College this time please, and all of those who always lie, not this higher truthful teacher, who's simply way ahead of bureaucracy….stop the red tape.
    Muzzling… stop a person or organization from expressing independent opinions
    I find Dr. Peterson highly educational and unoffensive in the offence, just clear and straight and deep and impassioned [a great quality], looking at all angles in discussion or presentation.
    Extract what is useful to your own person, we can all edit. Strive for your own brilliance.

    Free speech should be our highest desire in discussing even the deepest and darkest of tunnels, as in all forms of expression. We flounder on occasion, being fallible creatures, with apology.

    Some folks maybe shouldn't have a TV program, Jordan Peterson wouldn't be one of them.
    Free Speech, otherwise everyone will stumble over their words, in effect becoming mute, for fear of speaking, the thing we learn from Birth in order to communicate with intelligence. Hmmm

    We would become moronic and stupid, without good AND bad conversation and expression. Walking would become difficult. We need all of speech, even when it bites sometimes. Be Polite.

    ….and gee this is young Canada, hopefully never to align with China…..not why my parents came here……looks terrible over there, eh

  2. The collage trying to suppress free speech is just shameful, but this hasn't just happened to Jordan Peterson, this has happened to a lot of doctors and health care workers over the past few years. If they can suppress the free speech of these doctors and health care workers, then other regulatory bodies will soon be trying to do it, too. How soon will it be before people will lose other licenses because of their political opinions? Like, for example, trucking licenses, business licenses, or for any other profession that needs a license, or even a license to drive? This is exactly why we need to stop this now, before it goes any further. Political opinion should not be grounds for losing any license, and doctors should be allowed to do what they think is in the best interest of their patients, without the government getting involved. This is what happens when you have more bureaucrats in the health care system than actual health care people. This definitely needs to be changed. Justin Trudeau is trying to destroy Canada, trying to take away our freedoms, trying to weaponize multiple institutions, and we all need to unite to stop him.

  3. The whole moral and ethical code was violated when computers and phones took over…….making it's slow creepy beggining mid 90's.
    Shoulda, Coulda, Didn't started with ETHICS then……a little much late now, after the explosion.
    Had plenty of public behaviour ideas at that time. Phone-use Pods. Today I couldn't live urban… tempted, only in my mind, to kick shins, standing ignorantly, distractedly in the way, tediously typing on telephones with tiny buttons.
    Just CALL n SPEAK…..Best from HOME. Draw a curtain, too much info for the innocent bystander. Truly. Phones at dinner restaurants are ugliest of behaviour, or when you're with a friend in person…..just some older thoughts
    Give it a good rest, make long-term memory……as often as possible
    Thank you Clyde and Dr. Peterson

A statement by Andrew Bridgen MP

A statement by Andrew Bridgen MP

Max Blumenthal: When classified docs on Ukraine were moved to Penn Biden Center, it was headed by @mikercarpenter . Carpenter went on to the Burisma-funded Atlantic Council, and is now US ambassador to the OSCE. He's at the center of a vast neocon patronage network hellbent on war with Russia. (