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Written by Lou Valentino

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  1. I probably won't get noticed, but I posted a lot of comments of agreement under Charlie's video and as a European woman gave my own 2 cents and some historical debunking, like the term caucasian -this whole lingo was a theory that has been disproven decades ago, and because of Aryan being a caucasian sub-group we Europeans hate this lingo because it reminds us of WWII and its so strange people calling us nazis are the ones using their scientifically incorrect classification system. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of my complaints about the hypocrisy behind this ideology:
    (if you don't mind lengthy posts, this will be a bit to teach you about some of Europe's history which actually ties into the whole white supremacy thing and its history:)

    Including the fact that Europe is less racially diverse and in the time of WWII it was normal for a BIG city to only have 1 or 2 black people. The only ethnicities non-white that were largely present were the Jews and Roma (gypsies as they're better know as) who are North African and Indian respectively but some had definitely intermingled with Europeans already and were partially white. I don't care about whatever theory of about black Jews, they weren't in Europe, ones from North African descent were. It wasn't about black people, and it's horribly insulting to suggest so.

    Every other citizen who died, wether it was from starvation because the Nazis had overtaken our food supplies, or bombings, or experiments or being in the resistance, whatever- the VAST MAJORITY were white and we're talking about millions all across Europe. The survivors too, are mostly white. Yet the people who believe in this ideology equate all of us to the monsters who oppressed us. Showing visibly that I have vague Roma heritage with my epicanthic folds and pale brown skin, being bisexual and disabled, those are just the three things at the top of my head that I can picture getting taken in a razzia for. Yet I'm mostly white and identify as white with Indian heritage. Nazis took everyone who was different, experimented on twins and had people mass-murdering deformed people. White supremacy is too soft to describe the Nazi ideology, it was way worse. It was about creating the perfect human being, in favor of one specific group of white people- those who were ethnically descended from the North like Germans, Scandinavians, etc. What does it take to get it through all of these people's thick skulls that the Nazis weren't just about white supremacy but had an entire fucked up dystopnian-esque plan for humanity?!

    The focus on the North actually has to do with two things, the first actually playing a big role in American history.

    1, South Europe has been a place of invasions from other cultures, like the Turkish people. This was also were the Roma first appeared in Europe, one of the main routes going through Egypt which is where the term 'gypsies' originate from. People intermingled with Europeans, and because of this, south Europeans were seen as 'impure' for a long time. It even went so extreme, that there's an ethnic group called the black Irish. They're not actually black Irish people, but Irish people with Spanish heritage from centuries ago, think people like Catherine Zeta Jones or Robert Sheehan. I am not a historic expert, I'm just a history nerd but from what I can tell the Irish were really terrible in regards to racist propoganda to begin with, as it was also this Irish monk who theorized that black people were the descendants of Kain and that the skin colour was the symbol of sin. Do note that the Church was, aside from perhaps monarchies, the richest in Europe and profitted off of slavery too.

    2, and this is actually a bit personal. I'm Dutch, and the idea of the north bonding together to form a supernation actually was our idea 1900 years earlier. This was during the days of the Roman Empire. Back then, North-West Europe was primarily inhabited by the Germanic tribes. They originally stemmed from Scandinavia, and whilst not much of the origin is known, around the time where Romans started recording during the Germanic expansion about 50 before Christ, there were three tribal cultures who shared a common ancestry in West Europe, who kept further splitting into different smaller tribes as time went on.
    The Anglos, Saxons and Jutes that overtook Brittain all belonged to the Ingaevone tribal culture, with only one Ingaevone tribe, the Frisii remaining on the mainland. They are the ancestor to an officially recognized ethnic minority in the Netherlands and Germany called the Frisians.

    The Roman empire, being more civilized and wanting to expand to the North for various reasons including that we had a lot of gold, naturally overtook some tribes, including some of the tribes that are ancestors to the Dutch. We are the descendants of the Istvaeone tribal culture, and its one in particular, the Batavi, who started the first Germanic rebeliion against the Romans. They failed, but not before shouting out to the world, that if the Germanic tribes were to band together, we could defeat the Romans and be free. This ideology caused rebellion after rebellion, and as tribes became more succesful, the alliances would grow stronger and stronger until the Frankish Empire, also known as Francia, came to be and basically indeed grew more powerful then the Roman Empire was (France might have derived its name from the empire, but its actually Dutch in both its origin as well as the descending culture. That and their flag, they always have to copy us).

    Which is part of the many reasons why WWII is particularly sensitive in my country. It was our ideology, that was born out of a need for liberation turnt into a tool to oppress us. We had been neutral in WWI and its the frictions of WWI that caused WWII so we essentially were innocent victims dragged into their fight. They caused a mass starvation to keep us in line. We had some of the worst casualties, with 2,2% of our population being civilians casualties, so this wasn't even counting groups like the Jews or military casualties yet. We had camps located in our country too. Historically, we often were in good terms with Germany and their culture is the descendant of the third west Germanic group, the Herminones. They kind of are like our cultural sibling, so to some it felt like a huge betrayal. Which is something that was a particular common theme in our country during WWII, betrayal. Our country had the most people who betrayed others to the Nazis, but these numbers don't take into account those who did it because they actually hated these people, or wether it was for getting perceived benefits because again, our country was in a terrible state. Its easy to say you would never betray someone if you're not malnourished with your children starving in a warzone. And because we were a wealthy, strong country that wasn't immediately tagreted by Germany, people had all massively fled to us in the first place, as plenty of people hiding at places like our attics were refugees like Anne Frank was. To a mother in the aforementioned position, the choice between a refugee and food for her starving child will be easy to make. I'm not saying it's not horrible, but its human nature when put at his absolute most desperate.

    Really, if you read through all this historic essay, I have plenty of more to share as a history buff and walking encyclopidea, including all-white plantations at the countryside (I actually grew up nearby one so I can tell you the local history of one). I mean, did you seriously think we moved all the products we already had plantations for in our country to our colonies and didn't had the poor working under dire circumstances back home?

  2. And a tiny little trivia fact I also left under Charlie's video: did you know the animal kingdom also knows slavery? Naked mole rats, actually live in huge colonies that can rank up in hundreds, and they typically invade other colonies, fight each other to the death and the winning clan enslaves the survivors. It's part of the reason why they live for so long, actually.

  3. All cultures and skin colors have enslaved others. white Europeans got enslaved by middle eastern empires and Asian empires.
    Its a human trait not a white trait.

    Also when criticizing white people do consider that the US is not the only country in the world with white people. Europe, eastern Europe, Australia and parts of Asia also contains millions of white people who got their own history and culture.

  4. PS, I felt like I could kiss you when you mentioned the enslavement issue in Africa. There are so many issues over there that they just ignore, focusing solely on apartheid and the slavery past. I mean, would they still say the term 'White Lives Matter' is racist when the topic concerned is white South African farmers, who are often targeted and murdered by black people and are a racial minority in the African continent? Like, are they not allowed to say that slogan without being racist?

  5. The whole "you can't opress the opressor" thing always sting wrong to me, but I accepted it because being part of a minority meant being surrounded with people with this kind of ideology. I can see now that it is wrong and that I have a strong racism against white people that I need to work on. I admit I do this kind of jokes of white people being "stupid". I also admit that part of my family is white and that they are very racist against people of color. And we are both wrong for being racist.

  6. So according to these people, if you are born white, you are automatically a racist, privileged, imperialistic, land stealing rapist/pillager, incapable of empathy and must suffer for your crimes against humanity. Sorry, I meant crimes against the BIPOC population of the United States specifically, since racism and oppression apparently doesn't occur anywhere else in the world, most of which is populated by people of color. Yeah, sounds completely reasonable.

  7. A lot of these people are talking as if me or anyone I currently know went to Africa and took people. The people who did that shit is long gone. Not to mention a lot of white people in the US were in Europe when that shit happened. Most likely my ancestors were slaves in Greece. Not to mention you can go to Africa and find tribes or cultures fucking up others. Japan was fucking up every country around them.

  8. soooooo many white people saw this back during end of obama/start of trump era. I am so glad its coming to an end. Like so glad that people of all colors are starting to understand the hypocrisy of attacking others for their skin color. the idea that 65% of the nation (white people) want minorities to suffer is ludicrous. if 65% wanted that to be true, then it would definitely be a different world here. Never is it mentioned that Africa still practices slavery today, never mentioned Asia has massive sex slave problems. These people complaining about America, have zero care that the devices they are using to complain on is made by little African children digging in holes in Africa to get out specific rocks to be sent to Asia to be made by Asian children, in such horrible conditions that its basically modern slavery. White people by no means are perfect, no one is. But at least white people stand by anyones side who feels they need help, and white people try to help.

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