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‘I was a shaking mess’: Woman arrested for a COVID Facebook post reflects on experience

The pregnant woman who was arrested by Victoria Police during the state’s COVID lockdowns in September 2020, Zoe Buhler, has reflected on the experience in an exclusive interview with Sky News Australia.

“They just swarmed the whole house, they were in every room, and I didn’t know what to do,” she told Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“I pulled out my phone and I clicked live on Facebook and I thought maybe someone will see my live post and be able to help.”

Ms Buhler said she was a “shaking mess” when she was confronted by the police and was terrified that she was going to lose her baby due to being in a “heightened scared state” at the time.

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  1. Unbelievable!!!, this is not the Australia I grew up in, I hate how now we almost always try to emulate other countries & these obviously corrupt global organizations that we didn't vote for & for some strange reason our politicians swoon over, what makes Australia such a beautiful country is because we have always done things our own way but with the pandemic our politicians just went along with tyranny that has no place in our society, I don't want Australia going down the same path as the US or the UK or the EU, you would understand this if you have ever gone abroad & then come back to Australia, the peace, health & safety that we have here is the envy of most of the world & it's something I would gladly die to defend, lets not change our way of life to appease global entities who don't live here, we don't owe them anything.

  2. Everyone calling the cops Nazis 😂 all you snowflakes dont know what nazis stand for… She would dissapear if theyre nazis fkin morons. Dont get me wrong i really loved those guys from the 30's so for me its a compliment but you people dont even know what were capable of… It would not be a normal arrest mate 😂

  3. This makes me so angry bcos there are so many people fighting depression and suffering in life and having being provoked by the police they could react to defend themselves then the victim is put in jail for resisting arrest when they were emotionally unstable and were provoked. I truly find it disgusting and wrong. God will take vengeance against those in high positions who abuse their power 2 fold in hell forever. Glory to Jesus Christ the righteous king who avenges the lowey and oppressed and who defends the family unit. his name be praised for ever

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