Idaho Murder Suspect ID’d Via PUBLIC DNA DATABASE: Report. Privacy Advocates Raise RED FLAGS

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave break down the latest updates from the Idaho college murders. #Idaho #students

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Written by The Hill

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  1. This reminds me of the San bernardino shooter. Govt said to Apple to just give them a key to unlock his phone. Apple said no because there is no single key, only a generic key to open all of them. Govt said "ok. We promise to only use it for THIS phone."

    Kudos to Apple at the time for saying no.

  2. "I think it's worth having this conversation as a society about whether we want to have this kind of more absolutist position that we're in… The question is, are we going to be ahead of the ball in getting some legislation on the books that protects us before it's too late?"

    The problem with this is that women want to be safe. Throughout history, women have been very consistent that they will gladly choose to give up rights, privacy, or freedom for the sake of feeling safe. So if women come to think that allowing the government to own and access everyone's DNA will ultimately keep them safe, they will choose that, regardless of the freedom or privacy concerns involved. Women will ALWAYS choose safety and security over freedom and privacy. They always have, and they always will.

  3. I think what robbie said was right. As much as I don’t like it, we are living in a society that is much more exposed than we used to be and that is the expectation. You just can’t expect the same level of privacy as when we were living in cabins and farms that are miles from your neighbors as maybe some early Americans did.

  4. I am against these DNA tests. That's just me.
    I'm against any law enforcement agencies or government agencies having access to the actual data bases.
    THAT BEING SAID, they don't need access to the databases.
    All they have to do is submit the DNA like any consumer does.
    When you get your report, you see all relatives in the database. Consumers get those reports and are free to contact other family members.
    Law enforcement could do this without any court order and do the legwork.
    I'm not sure what route law enforcement uses, it's ridiculous to surrender your body fluids for all to access.
    People are still going to do it, people just don't think and they don't care.
    I just shake my head.

  5. …..The reason “no one seems to care” how they caught him is because if he is the killer, he not only was a fugitive on the run from justice but quite literally a potential serial killer who was bound to strike again. A mass murderer in police custody is more than “a convenience”. Young lives were lost and remaining lives are now ruined.
    Pair that with the terror that the people in that community were living in along with the fact that there was a huge amount of pressure on the police to catch this person, I am very much on the side of the pros outweigh the cons. Everyone on social media (including the ones tweeting their opposition) compromises their own privacy every time they log into their accounts anyway, but want to be high and mighty about privacy when the objective is to get a murderer off the streets. Give me a break.

  6. Robby sucks with many arguments man. I mean what does free speech have to do with so many different aspect of life in which the fact that you have to register with a govt agency or 3rd party contractors who are hired to gather numerous categories of our info in order for us to either register for things in everyday life or even enjoyable choices. The fact that the fastest & one of the largest profitable industries is data bank collection that has essentially popped up overnight (last 2 decades) & now serves to literally find ways to scheme as many Americans into giving up as much of their personal info as well as mundane & irrelevant info when it comes to anything another would ever need to know about someone. It’s a disgusting industry that should be illegal but cuz big brother is mutually enriched as a silent partner with these data firms, they have no problem allowing such violations & even encourage it to make it worse. So essentially these companies continue to be allowed to often times use insanely deceptive tactics to gather every oz of ur life’s actions, break down & analyze each individual & their every behavior from personal interest to how they spent their every waking minute of everyday to the point where on paper they have a better understanding of every individual more than the individual does themselves. Which of course is then broken down into subject categories & sold off to other massive entities that greatly benefit from knowing ur specific habits as it pertains to whatever product they so happen to be in the business of selling to you. And of course once they so easily reel u in then they can start their own process of collecting ur habits even further within their own platforms. Bottom line is big business being able to so intrusively be allowed to over collect & store our data as individuals solely for purposes of then using it against us by preying in weakness or just straight up manipulating us ABSOLUTELY has NOTHING to do with any sort of 1st amendment / free speech law violations or conflicts between the two. I really with Robby had a better level of intellect & actually pondered these topics as it always seems like he’s winging it & it doesn’t help that he can’t ever formulate a single smooth & cohesive sentence w/o all the fumbling as he waits for his brain to catch up with his voice. The Hill has become an absolute shyt show of an embarrassment & whoever is doing the hiring over there should be gone like yesterday!

  7. I read a lot of genealogy fiction and some of the authors are very good about research. One in particular is actually certified to track DNA to find criminals just like this. His latest series includes quite a bite about the ethics involved and what is required to use DNA in this way. Very interesting series.

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