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If You See Anyone Posting “Anti-Govt, Anti-Police, COVID Conspiracy Rhetoric” … Call Crime Stoppers

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  1. The victims of islamic violence here in Qld do not get any where near this show of force and power, maybe because they are not police officers and only civillians. But then again when there is an ideolistic islamic slaughter on westeners the powers to be are quick to blame mental illness, but if you are Christian, Riggt leaning, antigovernment, dont think police are your friends and happen to have an interest in shooting as a sport or profession well you are now labeled as a antivax gov hating, religous extremist nutjob. I wonder what the 2000 police officers in Qld who are right leanibg or Christian and didnt get the vax think ofvthat label from former colleagues. Just saying!

    Oh and by the way mrs deputy police commissioner, none of those things you stated— anti gov sentiment, anti police sentiment, christianity, owning a firearms licence or wanting to live off grid is illegal. In fact labeling everyone of the people who relate to one or more of these groups should give them the right to be able to file a charge against you for viscious libel and defamation using a carrier service ie tv and online media outlets.
    I will be praying for you to come down off your unrighteous high hobby horse and see that it isnt all these people who are the criminals you claim them to be. 🙏🏼✝️🕊🇦🇺

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