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Immunology 101

With Professor Robert Clancy, thanks as always.

Written by Dr. John Campbell

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  1. Doctors have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical mafia. Who writes the school programs for doctors and who donates the most money to these organizations. Spend eight years in a college program , sponsored by Pfizer. Award winning surgeon, inventor, Dr Norm Shealy agrees that only 1% of doctors can think outside their programming.

  2. I wasn't anti vax, prior to Covid, merely anti mRNA vax, however, If all new vaccines are going to be mRNA based then I am now officially an anti vaxxer! The criminal Governments, health authorities, MSM, corporates, NGO's and others who forced this upon the people's of this planet must be immediately held to account and justice served to the fullest! The massive and unprecedented scale of this deception, forced poisoning and murder of the populace demands the severest penalties that our laws can deliver.
    Academics, Health professionals and others who ignorantly or willingly closed their eyes and ears to this massive, murderous criminal enterprise, must be heavily punished to provide a deterrent to those who will follow in their career paths and may be tempted to abuse their positions of trust to save their lousy jobs!
    How many lives is a job worth? How can those in positions of authority sleep at night knowing that they've contributed to the public uptake of this poison, be it via their silence or their willing agreement with the lying narrative of those who have profited so much from illegal lockdowns, misery, medical assault, extortion and mass murder?

  3. Just been reading about a school kid who died suddenly over Christmas. The article continues: Sadly, the news follows the sudden deaths of other schoolchildren in the UK.

    On Monday, March 28, 2022, a young boy – aged between 11 and 12 years old – died of a suspected ‘heart attack’ at school in the UK. The boy collapsed during lunchtime at Shoeburyness High School in Essex and the year 7 pupil died a few hours later. On Friday, July 8, 2022, Harley Whittle, a young schoolboy from Manchester’s Bury, died suddenly and unexpectedly. Harley was a pupil at St Gabriel’s RC High School in Bury. Prior to that, Ted Sanderson, 14, sadly passed away at Woodham Academy in County Durham, England, back in June. On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, Ted collapsed in class and was rushed to the James Cook University Hospital, but medics were unable to save his life. Also in June 2022, a year 11 student, who attended Blackburn Central High School (BCHS), died suddenly. Last month, before Christmas, a 15-year-old girl, described as “intelligent, kind and sweet” died suddenly after collapsing at a school in the UK. Teenager Laila Dawood died after collapsing at Derby Moor Academy, Littleover, a coeducational secondary school and sixth form situated on Moorway Lane, Littleover, Derby (UK), on Friday, December 9, 2022. A month prior to that, the heartbreaking news that a fit and healthy school girl, aged 10, tragically died suddenly after collapsing at school in Wakefield, UK. Rai-Lèyah Parveen Saddique went to school as normal but collapsed and died at Leeds General Infirmary a few days later. What is going on?

  4. Every day I see or hear something that makes me so grateful I decided not to trust the government, the health authorities or the mainstream media! Didn’t have the dangerous, experimental new technology jab and never will. The more the authorities coerce, lie and mandate, the more I will resist! I genuinely don’t understand why the masses trusted such people. Once the filth is in you, you can’t get it out!

  5. Great conversation. one which points out that it takes YEARS to develop safe and effective vaccines, indeed any medication for that matter. Again the conversation was critical of the continuous top ups! Again supports the fact that these injections cause reactions anywhere around the body! Again supports that our own auto immune system can be detrimentally effected on an individual basis! I totally agree with the Professors view that MRNA could be a great technology in the future if it is used on a individualised basis against a specific condition like cancerous cells (would the big pharma really want that to happen, probably not, IMO). A question if I may, to John, the Professor or indeed anyone in the comments who is qualified to answer…..What research has actually been done into developing a normal vaccine, the ones that have been used successfully for years now, if there has been research what was the outcome or is it still being researched? There has been little information about this over the last 3 years, Why? Other concern is that MRNA could be given along with or in place of the normal flu vaccines! The only people who have no interest or concerns about MRNA are the governments across the world and we should all be asking why? Keep up you informative videos John and maybe more interviews with people like this.

  6. I know a 45 year old woman with about a 6th grade education, and she had enough sense not to take this experimental vaccine. Yet look at all these " smart " doctor's that took it, ignoring their intuition and discernment. They had that quit smoking drug out 15 years before they figured out it causes cancer, hmmm.

  7. I’m very concerned about this. I know we don’t know the long term effects but do we know when we are out of the woods so to speak with things such as myocarditis? I’ve not had a jab for over a year and won’t be having any more. Am I and others like me, likely to have avoided any heart problems if we are ok so long after our last jab?

  8. Guys, I figured this out when it was first proposed, and I've only got Honours* in Physiology (1A).

    I just thought this was the point, and we're all part of a global phase-4 trial.

    I agreed to the inoculations ONLY because I knew it would be mandatory for my vocation.

    People didn't want to stay at home, nor wear a mask, nor wash their hands, nor lose money, nor have their kids at home, and governments didn't want to be seen as responsible for major economic collapse.

    *wasn't able to complete my PhD – uni refused to allow me any more psychiatric sick leave. Disability discrimination, and I didn't know it was.
    God, I miss being a scientist 😭

  9. It was disturbing to hear on UK BBC news that they are proposing to increase the number of people on statins from 7 million to about 15 million. Hmm.. I wonder if there is a reason more people would now need them??? It was disturbing to think that 10% of the UK population are currently on statins and the proposal is to increase that to 20%.

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