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Impartiality Under Question at Human Rights Commission

I raised some concerns — matters that I was asking about for the first time — with the Human Rights Commission on the topic of the Voice referendum. Commissioner Finlay of the Human Rights Commission made several statements criticising the Voice and raising potential human rights implications. You’ll see in this video that Professor Croucher is unwilling to revisit any line of questioning she has answered to other senators in previous estimates.

Despite Commissioner Finlay’s concerns being shared by the majority of Australians, who voted down the referendum, the Commission published a statement on 30th of March that rejected Commissioner Finlay’s human rights concerns. I’ve requested on notice all internal email correspondence in relation to drafting that statement and Commissioner Finlay’s remarks.

The Australian public expects true impartiality and independence of the Human Rights Commission. We haven’t seen this on COVID and now the Voice except for Commissioner Finlay.


Written by Malcolm Roberts

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  1. So basically human rights of any kind, have been suspended because 'so and so said so', they continue to be suspended due to NULL reason (or because so and so company just 'feels like it') and based on this current attitude or application of human rights law (which to most people appears also non-existent), any future human rights are also suspended indefinitely. Without consent (legally and valid consent, which must be free from UNDUE PRESSURE, MANIPULATION OR COERCION) we have nothing more than total and utter tyranny.
    No wonder the family courts do so much damage. Very clear human rights (UDHR), particularly the rights of the child (CRC), no longer apply.

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