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Including foreigners in military a ‘sign of how desperate’ the ADF is

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says including foreigners in the military is a “sign of how desperate” the ADF is.

“I think this is a pretty decent policy actually,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“But I do think it’s also a sign of how desperate things are for the defence force at the moment to recruit people.

“Then you’ve got to start looking at salaries too I assume.”

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  1. Some years ago, the the British Army had around 38 infantry battalions in its regular army, it was estimated the across the infantry the equivalent strength of around five of them were made up of south sea islanders. I can remember when Prince Harry went to Sandhurst, in his platoon of 30 were two foreign officers (people from other Armies training in the UK), but of the remaining 28, there were (from memory) six or eight who were from the Commonwealth – Aussies, Zimbabweans, South Africans, Kiwis, Kanuks etc. To be fair most were possibly dual nationals., but not all. Years ago when I lived in Dublin my Jewish neighbour – who had lived all his life in Ireland – went to his national service in Israel. He came back after and I believe has only been back to Israel a couple of times since in the past 25 years. One of he first US soldiers killed in Iraq in 2003, Pfc. Diego Rincon, was not a US citizen. He was given it posthumously! The idea of non-nationals serving in a countries armed forces is hardly unique.

  2. Joking and laughing about poor people joining the military for $100k is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard in my life. Let’s see you go through basic training and send you into a hot zone. Respect those who risk their lives for this once great country. If sky news or Murdoch has any pride left you should be fired.

  3. Sounds just like the corruption and cronyism and fraud going on here in the US with Medicare and other government spending. The reason fine young men and women have to be bribed now to participate in the military is because they are wiser now to how they are being used as expendable cannon fodder for the MIC and as corporate security guards at taxpayers' expense.

  4. The ADF have only themselves to blame. Look at the scurrilous garbage peddled by the Brereton Report and what happened thereafter. Soldiers not afforded the protection of the rule of law or other most basic human rights. Then fast forward to November Platoon of 2 Commando Regiment and the allegations of war crimes. But we don't have to examine war crimes. What about peacekeepers who found themselves in the middle of a civil war; the 4RAR diggers who were sent to the Thai/Malay border or the 9,000 diggers deployed to the Communist Insurgency in Malaysia 1970 – 1989 whose service has never been recognised. Is it any wonder the troops are fed up and leaving? Billy Hughes said in 1917, "When you come home we'll look after you." What a load of unadulterated bullshit.
    The Royal Commission into veteran suicide does not address the cause. It deals with the outcomes – poor management by DVA and the Department of Defence. A lot of senior ADF officers are looking to their next (post military) job and it is likely to be in Canberra.

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