Inflation Is Still Alive And Well!

THe latest monthly data from the ABS revealed that inflation at the top line and core both rose in November, despite changes to the weightings.

As a result, this puts more pressure on the RBA for at least a 25-basis point hike in the cash rate in early February. The markets are still expecting more rate rises ahead.

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  1. Milk $3 per 3ltr –> $4.50 is not 9.4%
    It's 50%
    As you know, if your bills go up 20% you want wages to increase they have already decreased into the pockets of Sydney, Melbourne, and businesses that made a killing during lock down like ARB $44mil straight into Andrew and Roger Brown or Mercedes who made a killing $52mil and kept it. The list goes on. Now we are so wealthy PNG Ukraine just hold their hands out.

  2. You’re the only one over this (as usual) Martin. We all know the ABS and RBA numberwanged the last CPI reading when they changed the weightings of rent and energy in the Basket. It’s a trick that will only work for one or two months though. I suspect the RBA was hoping it would be enough to give them breathing room whilst they spent Christmas at their Bahamas holiday homes. They might have a bit more work to do when they come back next month…

  3. Im not sure who is doing the right thing. The RBA or the RBNZ . Australia, I think? , is at 3.10% and nz is at 4.25%. Australians mostly like floating mortgages so increases in rates react quickly to housing prices. But nzers prefer fixed rates and generally 1 to 2 year fixed so rate increases can have a delayed reaction, which is exactly what’s happening in nz . Australia’s downturn in housing has been quick even though there Ocr is lower. Nz has been a slow downturn although I expected that to pickup this year because a massive amount of nzers this year will have their monthly mortgage basically doubled or more. The 2 big gambles at the moment are, does inflation drop before to much damage or will there be a big trigger of a crash, likely from overseas, probably financially with banks like the GFC.

  4. Given the RBA is basing interest rate increases on CPI increases it' just as well mortgage repayments aren't included in the CPI. That would mean that higher interest rates would cause higher mortgage repayments which would indicate the need for further interest rate rises.The circle would not stop.

  5. I gave My Chilfren $200 for Chritmas and today they snuck out and spent $15 at Hungry Jacks and I said What the …. are You doing.but they only do this a couple of times a year and supporting Local buisness is good but I am feeling the pain as I just spent $28,000 on A Harley Davidson Fat Boy S 2016 model but that was an investment haha.

  6. The RBA's measly rate rises have done nothing to crush inflation. Everyone is still spending like crazy. They've already given up and pivoted. Plus the government is about to come in over the top with more inflation driving policies. We're going to be stuck with high inflation for a long time now.

  7. The diagnosis is run away inflation….Housing prices is not in the RBAs mandate to control , that is why for the last umptity years, the RBA caused the biggest ratcheted private debt raucous in Aussie history . You haven’t seen nothing yet. You wait till after 7 years , the investment apartments begin showing ‘fast track project cracks’ and their investment properties literally begin to crumble

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