Inside NATO EXPANSION And The Origins Of Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine: Branko Marcetic

Writer at Jacobin Branko Marcetic weighs in on the conversation surrounding Russia’s original motives for the country’s invasion of Ukraine. #Russia #Ukraine #Putin #zelensky

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Written by The Hill

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  1. Why didn't Russia evolve towards being a real democracy?
    Ukraine is threatened by a russification process that began 3 centuries ago, but nontheless Ukraine (and Belarus too) remains the closest nationality to the russians. There would be a spontaneous coalescence of these 3 nations if Russia was democratic and not imperialistic towards the other 2.
    It seemed that NATO was surpassed by history when Russia abandoned communism, it seemed that Russia would become just another european nation, just like all the other USSR satellites have become (with the exception of Ukraine and Belarus).
    NATO is exclusively a defensive organization, whose only reason to be was the presence of USSR.
    We have seen that it hasn't become a relict of history, only because the evolution of Russia has been towards dictatorship, and imperialism.
    Also the Chechens had absolutely the right to become an independent nation, and it wasn't allowed.
    The Ukrainians have all the right to reject the domination of the Big Brother neighbor, since the russians have accepted to be under a dictatorship, and Russia had no right at all to invade Ukraine, no matter what can be their motivations.
    Russia just had to become a NATO member, and everyone would be happy.

  2. The only true lesson to be gained from the current conflict with aim to prevent future such situations: national leaders knowingly, for their own political reasons will `lie' or misrepresent conditions, at the full expense of their citizens in both blood and treasurer. This truth has been demonstrated countless times to date.

  3. Not NATO, but EU. Kreml really hates EU, because it's the real deal.'s not threat, it's defence alliance. But Ukraine joining EU would have shattering effects on Russian business. and in general, the opinion of Ukrainians about Russia and its culture of corruption.

  4. The broader picture is not Russian unhappiness with NATO expansion, but Russian behavior which made so many countries in eastern Eureope so desperate to join NATO. Including Sweden and Finnland recently. Over the years Putin has missed no opportunity to stir up conflict with the West: Syria, Georgia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela… He has continually created strife between ethnic Russian minorities to justify intervenining in neighboring countries. This was Hitler's playbook. Stop focusing of what Russia wants and listen more to all its neighbor's aspirations to be free.

  5. It's not clear cut, it never is, but the USA government and other world leaders for years, have gone out of their way to keep Russia on the outer. To not bring it into the fold and moreover, to spread the anti Russia narrative. The only time I remember anything different being said was when Trump said something like " of course we should talk to Putin and it's better for all of the world to be on good terms with them than the alternative ". The old saying of " keep your friends close and your enemies closer " still rings true. But the desire to degrade Russia is strong among those who run the western world. No excuse for this war, but their are always many reasons……on both sides.

  6. Can someone explain how the U.S. can get away with far more numerous and desructive Preemptive-Humanitarian military interventions, even when they're based on lies and half way across the world, but the West goes into a frenzie when Russia does it to protect itself and ethnic Russians on their very border. Eveyrone would be better served if time and effort was spent on avoiding war, on compromise and diploamcy, thén coming up with lame excuses to justify confrontation and brinkmanship, as the U.S. GB did ad continues to do in Ukraine

  7. IMHO, Ukraine has been and is THE number one, cash cow for US bi-partisan corruption. The goose that lays the golden eggs. If you don't believe in such things OK, but Putin does and has said so many times. Once Putin saw this corruption, and the president being impeached for trying to call it out, he knew he couldn’t compete and win diplomatically. Putin knew he had no chance for peaceful negotiation to stop the NATO, corruption driven incursion onto his borders…… Thus this war. You should also know that all of this wealth going to Ukraine is under emergency (read no audit) authorization by congress. How different things could be if congress would have taken action and stopped their corruption in the Ukraine before it's influence spread like cancer to Russia's border?…

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