INTERVIEW: Matt Taibbi Exposes Massive “Russian Disinformation” Fraud, Hamilton 68 | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald

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  1. I guess the establishment will shrug this off. They can tell themselves it doesn’t matter. We already know there was Russian influence online. So what if this primary source turns out to be a fraud. Also, it’s not a fraud because these US individuals were “parroting Russian propaganda.” Or whatever.

  2. I dont know how but I would like to see Journos who blatantly lie and make shit up get sued and or jailed. Before you jump all over me lets be clear, these punishments would be after thorough investigation. I know I know never gonna eat their own. Would be down to dozen or so writers after this purge. I am getting aroused.

  3. They aren't Russian Bots, they are Twitter Bots purchased by Russia.  Just like it's a  broadcaster's TV commercial purchased by a ketchup company.  That is, if you are actually talking about bots and not human accounts.  Russia bought $175 thousand worth of Twitter Bots, and this is what Democrats claim got Trump elected.  Also, why not blame Twitter for their choice of customers?

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