Interview with Journalist Glenn Greenwald – from 9/11 to Covid – Viva Frei Interview

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Written by Viva Frei

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  1. Good job, Viv! I appreciate how much you let him speak. Too many doing interviews these days seem to feel like they have to interject either overly agreeing with the guest or just airing their own viewpoints or just grandstanding. I watch interviews to see what the guest has to say. I watch you solo episodes to here your take on the current strories. So… Credit where credit is do. Glenn is s smart man and although I don't always see things the same as him, I appreciate his views. They sometimes help me challenge my own positions which I think everyone one should do more. I know very few on the left fell that they need to and more on the right tend to. Nothing wrong with changing ones mind. Just depends on why. Got new info or someone presents a fire you hadn't considered….good reason. Change your mind because the pack did or…being threatened by the opposition simple because they disagree…. Horrible and cowardly reason!
    So, kudos, my respect and cheers!

  2. And now Snowden is in putins surveillance state helping to oppress ukraine with their mobilization . His hypocrisy. Will he defect now to tuva or some other state with putins assassins list probably not. The devil you do know is better than the devil you don't know . Or maybe not. GG tries for his own moral independence as do many. But as vaclav havel once said about the Czech Republic " we live in a polluted moral environment" .

  3. What a breath of fresh air. You are a not only intelligent but a great listener and interviewer. Glenn is a font of knowledge, well researched, intelligent analysis. I do not call many people a hero, but you two are just that. Speaking out and sharing the truth, is dangerous these days. Thank you for this reasoned in depth fair video.

  4. @ 31:22 … the parallels with the US are striking here … that Bolsonaro was feared (smeared) to be totalitarian but then was the target of actual totalitarian forces in the justice system and other institutions. Those fighting "tyranny" became the actual tyrants.

    It's like Chuck Schumer explained in December of 2016, the security services have 6 ways from Sunday to get back at a politician they don't like.

  5. 9/11 was an inside job. How convenient a passport survived. How/why did the 3rd building fall?
    There was no plane that flew into the Pentagon. Where were the plane parts, bodies & luggage in that PA field?
    The Bible gives me the authority to know that you are a sinner. Only women can have husband's. Repent & accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior. Beckett Cook is proof you can be delivered.

  6. Joe Biden, the Democrats #ThePartyOfWoman, and their Democrat party partners in Homeland Security have formally decreed that:

    “Dissent is “Misinformation"

    and that

    “Misinformation is “Terrorism”

    ……this is the official stance of Homeland Security under this Democratic admin as they usurp power that they do not Constitutionally have to decree what is "misinformation" & what can & cannot be discussed on the internet, and placing that usurped & unconstitutional power into the hands of trained disinformation agents of the U.S. Security State (aka Democratic Party apparatchiks).

    It’s shocking to see so many Americans, especially those on the left who call themselves “liberals” and “progressives”supporting and cheering on the attempts of the unelected bureaucracy to elevate itself over the elected president, ignoring and stomping over the guardrails of our representative constitutional republic with unconstitutional claims that the unelected administrative state has greater power than the elected branches of gov’t.

    As a 63 year old woman how ignorant and naive I was to believe that what we are living through as we see our government’s and the Establishment’s media’s tyrannical response to Donald Trump, could never happen in the United States.
    Thanks to people like Glenn Greenwald, Robert Barnes,, historian Victor David Hanson and independent outlets like The Duran, Revolver, Epoch News, I have a greater insight into the history of the US intelligence state’s corruption, unethical behavior, and harassment of dissenters and whistleblowers who dare challenge or expose their rot. But in many ways the past 6-8 years even exceeds their previous history. I personally think that the illiberal Woke Social Justice ideology that has taken hold of our institutions that has made things worse.

    The pioneers of the “Social Justice” movement and the underpinnings of WOKE ideology consider liberalism a failed system and worldview……
    hence their illiberal distain for free speech, dissent & debate, and their incessant obsession with censorship & indoctrination, and with demonizing, punishing, jailing and destroying their political opponents or ANYONE else who doesn’t conform to and keep them in power. 

    And today’s Democrats are all in, as well as slew of Republicans.

  7. Thanks viva for having Glen Greenwald on! He is one of the best out there. I do trust his reporting, although I disagree with everything he take a stance on, he is thorough, and brings the facts along with it! Thank you Glen, for doing this interview! It is nice to hear you be able to tell the experiencess you are having doing what you do! Keep doing it, for everyone who trusts that you are giving your best!

  8. There shouldn’t be classified documents.

    These instruments of lies and receipt need to be abolished.

    The perpetrators within these organizations need to be purged.

    This isn’t about removing them from their positions within these institutions, that is a given.

    It is more about putting them in front of morally incorruptible judges who can make rulings based on evidence.

    Upon the inevitable guilt being found relieving their souls from their bodies.

    Some people are to dangerous to be kept alive.

  9. Great interview from two people whose integrity and talent I admire. Glenn omitted from his response as to how he's been able to stay alive and out of prison the elephant in the room: He's left-wing, gay, Jewish, and famous. He's not part of the totalitarian movement in the US, quite the opposite, but he's a prominent blood brother to those who run that movement, so he gets multiple special protections.

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