IS JUSTIN TRUDEAU FINISHED? The State of Canada – with Marty Up North

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Stolen Water – Waging War On Water Rights and BC Food Security

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  1. LOL Marty, I am in Calgary. I was just on a standard rate for electric for my 2 bedroom apartment. my last bill was $164.30 at $ 0.27575 / kWh. I live alone and was within my electric norms. I got onto a rate THAT DAY!!! .1279/kWh… less than half. At the fluctuating rate… they should be sending out fresh underpants with the bill. Actually in this case it works out to 48%. My bill would have been 78.86.
    That being said… my parents fixed rate is up for renewal as well. I told dad to expect electric to double… but at least it won't quadrouple with the fixed rate. With all of these climage initiatives… if the libs stay in for the next 2 years under any leadership… I can't see my bill going down. Fixed rate is the way to go.

  2. Everything thing is linked….C*vid hysteria ramping up again by government and media, forest fires (set by eco-terrorists) because of “climate change” according to government and media….all of this is an excuse to lockdown…..then we have an election where we can’t go out to vote and are forced to send in votes via mail….oh, oops, have we forgotten about Ch*nese interference in our elections? These are no longer conspiracy theories, this is our reality.

  3. People don't get yet. It is true Turdeau is destroying everything so the WEF, The Great Reset, steps in and takes over. They make us be independent on them and we own nothing. This is true. The sooner we canadains wake up to this the sooner we gather to stop it. Why the cops and firefighters are going along with this is beyond me. This will include them in the future.

  4. REMEMBER It's NOT about the Trial. It's about the PROCESS. That is the PUNISHMENT.
    The 4 still waiting will have a very STRONG Case to SUE the LIEberals and the System.
    It's not if they become Martyrs. They already are. The more that are made aware of their situation, and others, the more they become one.
    I believe the Turd will ride it out, right up till the end, then Step down and say he wants to heal or some other BS. It will be the FINAL NAIL.

Indoctrination In Schools

Indoctrination In Schools


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