Is Media Lying About China COVID Protests?

In a previous video, we inaccurately reported that COVID lockdown measures in China prevented a team of firefighters from reaching residents of a high-rise that had caught fire. Later reports revealed that parked cars had been responsible for blocking the firefighters’ way.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss the misreporting and other inaccuracies coming from western media about China and lockdowns.

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  1. And the analogy about trying to being upset by us biolabs? So you're trying to say that the Chinese Communist party had nothing to do with the Wuhan institute of virology?.. that the Communist dictatorship in China would have no knowledge or power over a biolab in their own country? The story is not adding up Jackson.. yes the US deep State like Anthony fauci were involved at wuan but so were the Chinese Communist party… The virus came out of China so why would the Chinese Communist party who helped to release the virus then take it as an American threat towards them?.. some simple internet sleuthing for only a mere couple of minutes pokes all sorts of holes in the reporting that Jackson is doing..

  2. In terms of the World Cup broadcast, no they didn’t censor the crowds not wearing masks. All my friends in China stayed up to watch the broadcast and was posting screenshots on WeChat and there were plenty of footage of the audience. The only difference this year was the media was less hyping it up on the marketing, but honestly all the people who were going to watch it, watched it.

  3. Well it would be a correction if you had any credible sources to prove that you were wrong. I appreciate your effort, but I wouldn't be surprised if you and Jackson in particular came and said that Uyghurs are in working Camps. That's how this feels..
    There were cars in the streets.. they see it as an Attack on their sovereignty.. wtf..

  4. My salute to Jimmy for admitting there might be some inaccurate information on the protests in China. Jackson gave a reasonably accurate account on the situation there. As usual, there are a lot of misinformation/ disinformation/ propaganda on China by the western medias. Aren't the western medias ashamed when they are showing all these protests while claiming that China is such a dictatorship that no protests are allowed and all protests will be crushed mercilessly? Did the audience see any violence by the police, using tear gas, water cannon, hitting people with batons or running people down with police cars or horses? Please note that there are about 400+ protests each day in authoritarian China, large and small. So much on not allowing protests in a authoritarian country.

  5. Unfortunately, all the CCP has to do is snap their fingers and the Chinese people will immediately walk on all fours and bark like a dog . They'll excitingly roll around in the muck, then bark and howl at the top of their lungs until their pinko- commie masters order them to cease. It's sad to watch around 500 billion grown azz men become soo completely docile, compliant and emasculated , that they allow the government to grab their children out of their arms and separate them to a concentration camp for God Knows how long…
    such a pathetic sight.

  6. Don't think Jackson Hinkle is 100% correct here. Where's the evidence of the deep state here in China? Who's his source talking about the telegram organizing of paid protesters… I've seen videos of people in Beijing asking for freedom of speech and press. It was a major part of the chants.

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