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Is Record Migration Making Us Poorer?

#Economy #Recession #heisesays
GDP per capita is falling. It’s not going to change, so will you adapt?

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  1. I read that before the pandemic 2.17 million were in this country, on multiple, temporary and permanent visa's, but yet to be processed.
    Most left, but many stayed.
    But only now, for some reason are we being made aware, that these people were here and living amongst us.

  2. Immigration will ensure services will continue even with an increasing aging population. Without Immigration services could jeopardised the smooth running of society. Perhaps Australia, like Japan, should consider investing in AI robotics to meet future service needs.

  3. Your obviously not looking for a place to rent at a reasonable price your not trying to get into hospital your not struggling on congested roads your not trying to get into the housing market your not hoping to get a wage rise ? When the next drought cones along you will be pissed that there is not enough water or power the climate scam is running rampant and we are pulling in immigrants that increase our carbon footprint tell me its not a scam more cheap labor is Curt ailing wage rises and one might say let those tent cities grow and here's the rub if you are expecting politicians to address water power infrastructure you dreaming

  4. We're definitely getting poorer. Basically the number of people are growing faster than the pie.
    When we think back to the 70's when the mainly men could work, pay for 4 kids, afford a house, new car, all with a regular "job" and not a career.
    Today double income professional couples without kids are often locked out of the housing market!

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