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Is the defence force gearing up to come after Australians? 😳

#ADF 🇦🇺

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Written by Joel Jammal

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  1. Just got this from someone in my DMs:

    Joel, mate the ADF has always done riot control
    training, it's nothing new. The members in the
    photo training are the military police, with
    infantry soldiers acting as the rioters. The reason they do it, is overseas, the MPs are the ones called on to assist local police and military forces dealing with the breakdown of law and order in a warzone. Hope that helps for some context.

    Learn something new everyday 😯

  2. The military been doing this training for over 20 years that I have participated in. This training is called aid to the civil power. They can be sent anywhere in the South.When requested by a government.
    Read the Oath the military take for a start. You are ensiting the people to panic. Where in Australia have you seen the Army peployed in riot gear against Australians. (NEVER).

  3. And people say nothing new going on? After watching politicians force medical procedures on people and ban basic human rights including protesting it is probably something to be concerned about.
    The police used to serve citizens but now they go after those who don't agree with the government

  4. They've been setting up the narrative using the oxymoron 'Sovereign Citizen' label for any sort of pushback. We don't live in a democratic society anymore by the looks of this behaviour. It also helps explain why they want to drop the preamble to the Constitution.

  5. Sounds like they are Preparing for An Uprising of the People to me. But if All the Seniors in Major Towns All over Australia Gather together in places like Toowoomba etc in Town Halls/Community Centre's etc. (to Demand Change, And their voices are Loud Enough (without violence(like for Youth Crime to be dealt with etc.) The Media did Respond, and the Prem.Reacted cause she didnt want any more Bad Publicity. They had their Voices of Concern Heard. SO perhaps they won't need The Andrews Approach.

  6. Well last year while detained in Sth west Sydney I regularly was out walking on my allowed exercise within defined detainment locality and I happened upon a number of homes where an adf person in uniform was also accompanied by a police officer in an army car. These were clearly the houses where Covid positive people were. I was sternly warned on each occasion, usually by the adf officer to “cross to the other side of the street to pass by”.
    Just a normal army deployment I assume?

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