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Is the RBA helping Central Banks manipulate the price of gold? – Senate Estimates 10.11.22

I asked the RBA whether or not the Bank of England sought their permission before they melted down Australia’s gold holdings and refined them from 2015 onwards.

Needless to say the RBA were clueless or deliberately hiding the truth.

At the end of my questioning the RBA continue to lie about their manipulation of gold. Yet again they claim that by leasing it, the are helping producers hedge their gold.

This is wrong. When producers hedge their gold they are forward selling. If the RBA was helping they would be forward buying not leasing.

It beggars belief how they get away with it.

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  1. About time Australia BANNED the ownership of Australian residental property to help downward pressure on Australian housing by removing overseas investors speculation on Australian housing. Australia is one of the few nations that exposes it's residential property to this speculative abuse that forces prices up to the detriment of prospective owners, renters etc. the only "winners" are the speculators both donestic and international, but no one takes any decisive action in defence of Australias prospective young home seekers.

  2. Senator Rennick i don't believe a word out of their mouth, i just wish you were not time limited every time these people are questioned and made accountable, maybe they should provide all these documents to prove or back up their weak responses, so sick and tired of these people who can never answer a straight question. Bring our Gold bars home here where they belong
    full stop. I just wish that Senator Katy Gallagher was terminated as she is most definitely incompetent on every level she can't be trusted and is just another useless mouth piece for Albanese and his communist mates.

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