Israel’s military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discusses his investigation into Israeli military orders to shell the homes of Israeli civilians and helicopter attacks on civilian cars and Israeli bases as they fought to dislodge Palestinian militants from the country’s south on October 7.

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  1. The Music Festival attack occured right by the border. A border with a military presence. Yet in a state the size of NJ, Israel could not get a helicopter with sharpshooters to the location, and festival goers spent SIX HOURS running and hiding? It makes no sense to me. Unless Israel allowed it? HOURS! And Israel in NOT an "armed society." Guns are not allowed. But they are now!

  2. This claim is supported by circumstantial evidence.
    (1) It's clear that this attack was a provocation, based on the original "9/11" script. All defenses of the most heavily defended country in the world fall asleep at just the right time? Seriously? Then, instead of hijacked planes we have hang-gliders. And the aim of the operation is to restart the "War Of Terror", and "finish the job" by getting the U.S. to destroy Iran. Netanyahu even calls the attack "Israel's 9/11".
    (2) Provocations require much planning and preparation. Contingencies are addressed — the possibility that Hamas would not "perform" as expected, for example. For the event to work, a lot of corpses would be needed: What if Hamas refused to provide them? AI or doctored videos or real bullets would then be needed to manufacture them.
    (3) It took seven to eight hours for "help" to arrive. This suggests that the regime deliberately delayed the rescue to give Hamas plenty of time to do the wet work, and sent in the "clean up" crews only when Hamas failed to perform. Is there a better explanation? If Hamas had acted as expected, it would not have been necessary to delay the "rescue".

  3. Max can no longer claim to be a journalist. He's a propagandist. And a propagandist for a vicious terrorist organization. He tries to blame the IDF for the death of hundreds of Israeli civilians on the flimsiest of evidence: his assurance that the Hamas terrorists only used AK-47s during their attack on October 6-7. So, all of the burned-out cars and burned houses, along with the accompanying civilian deaths, must be the result of IDF actions. After all, he assures us, explosions and fires are "the telltale signs of Hellfire missiles". Well, we know that the terrorists were also armed with grenades and RPGs, and the evidence seems fairly certain that they also came armed with explosives. We have video evidence of them setting fires to Israeli homes with innocent children inside. We have security camera footage showing them using grenades to destroy vehicles. We have much eyewitness testimony from Israeli civilians of the Hamas terrorists using grenades and setting fires to get at their victims. And while I'm not a forensic expert, like Max, I think we can now reasonably assume that some, or even perhaps all, of those burned-out vehicles and houses were the result of terrorist action. Aaron needs to get himself away from this terrorist propagandist before the stench of such blatant dishonesty and terrorist sympathies rubs off on him and calls some of his own generally reasonable reporting into question.

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